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More photos from Fashion Week for GARAGE Magazine's street style contest, STOPS! The names of both of those things are supposed to be in caps, I am not yelling at you.
More stylin' Rookies. It was so great to see Leeann's fashion writing genius manifested into a REAL LIVE OUTFIT. Her sweater sitchiation is very close to this month's half-Sweet Valley High-inspired theme. Ruby was wearing SEAL barrettes that you can't see but which were every bit as crazy good as they sound and more. (Also she doesn't know it but I've adopted her as my little sister even though we are only a year apart. WHATEVER I'M TECHNICALLY HER BOSS I GET TO DO WHATEVER I WANT) (That's like, ethical right?)
Alley of Stylelikeu had this long wool coat-dress that I wish I'd gotten a better picture of -- you can kind of see that the right side is scalloped to fit the shape of the buttons. If I were a cartoon character and had to have copies of the same outfit in my closet and no other options, I'd want it to be this dress. Keiko's hair-glasses combination was already impeccable, but the striped sweater with a leopard print bag realllllly got to me.
My vintage dress started out all clean and pretty and throughout the day got torn and black at the bottoms because I let it drag on the ground, but I kind of really like it this way. Autumn said it's kinda Picnic at Hanging Rock, which my jacket, a gift from Rodarte, only adds to in the best way. I made my headband. Kristina's hat killed me a little, but then her necklace was glasses and her bag scarf had horses on it and then I died completely and this is actually my ghost writing this post, right now.


Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Gotta say, your ghost writes well!

I am totally in love with that pink, fuzzy cardigan. Up until now I didn't realise my life was missing a pink, fuzzy cardigan. Turns out it is.

Must. Remedy.

brodie said...

Every time you mention Picnic at Hanging Rock I imagine it's a reference to Australia AKA me. SO THANKS GURL! LUV U 2 MWAH MWAH

Unknown said...

Love these colorful and diverse looks, they're all so odd and diffrent, I'd like to combine certain features of every look!


DaliR said...

The bright red dress with purple tights combination looks amazing. Your flower crown is gorgeous as well! <3


jazz fututa sum hic said...

my 18th was picnic at hanging rock themed and everyone draped around my backyard in long white dresses and it was magical

Kiani-Iman said...

Your dress is so lovely!

Mana said...

so cute! ^-^


can we meet! lol. you're totes cool.

That is not how i speak, by the way.

hanna said...

all the outfits are so cute seriously i'm crying. ny fashion week seems so exciting!

Leira Zetroc said...

"(Also she doesn't know it but I've adopted her as my little sister even though we are only a year apart. WHATEVER I'M TECHNICALLY HER BOSS I GET TO DO WHATEVER I WANT)"

Omg your so funny XP

And your outfit! It looks like it could have come out of a editorial shoot! Love its dreamy, romantic, dress-up vibe with the flower headband and then the unexpected twist with the edgy jacket. That torn hem is the perfect "creepy doll" touch !


Mitchie said...

arggg i love Ruby! Im glad she is finally get recognition!

The Fancy Teacup said...

Adore Keiko's look, and your vintage dress is an absolute gem. x


Ana G said...

The pink dress is a whole jewel.


Alice McGenniss-Destro said...

you look incredible! picnic at hanging rock is one of my favorite novels! x

Anna Saarinen said...

All of these outfits re so great! The glasses necklace is so awsome, got to have it( as well as most of the things from thos post) ! Your dress is awesome too! I just can't understand how you make these finds! Gosh I love your blog! You'r my idol <3


Joy said...

haha i love it this is so sweet. glad to know that you're enjoying yourself.

Josefína said...

the flowers on your head are stunning!=)

Easy Lifestyles said...

That's excellent.

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lei said...

Your dress is so beautiful! You look like a princess. :))


Please, visit my blog. I´m new in the Fashion World. :) Thank you so much!


무존재 said...

tavi you look so beautiful!!
(타비야 너무 아름다워보인다!)

Sarah said...

I can't get enough of your street style photos! You always look gorgeous xxx

Anonymous said...

it really would be quite good and pretty cool and amazing and cool to go to a Rookie meeting.

Anonymous said...

Well you DEFINITELY stole the show in that amazing dress! And that biker jacket is just WAAY too cool being on top. Looks like something that should be out of a modern adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream

Anonymous said...

Fashion Week + people, who expert in a fashion = great-great looks.

Megan said...

Your pink dress and headband made my heart smile. :-) You look like Ophelia in pink.

Flower said...

I love this and I don't want to sound like the biggest miser guts on the planet, but are you payed to promote these sites?

Anonymous said...

Ruby looks so AMAZING! I can't believe she is younger than you. You should totally adopt her. How do you find these people?

Anonymous said...

And Tavi, you look like a reluctant princess. Too cool for the ball. Ballin' Belle.

Johanna Nilsson said...

I love the way you write Tavi!!!
I juast want to snuggle snuggle snuggle with it.

Unknown said...

Love this! and omg Leeann has Shakespeare on her T-shirt.

Drea xo


Anonymous said...

I am the ghost of hanging rock. in fact, it was my school where those girls once lived, and dreamed... didn't realise it was the cool thing. what's not to love though ? :)

Sabina said...

Love the floral headdress on you. And I see what you mean about Leeann having a Sweet Valley moment--I actually think it's a really cute outfit though. Nice mix of colors.

Anonymous said...

I love Keikos glasses! With the hair she looks like a 90's Audrey Hepburn. LOVE the bag too.

Cess said...

Wow!! Everyone looks so great!! I really like how many different styles there are! If its not totally creppy you and Ruby both look ardorible (which is creepy because Im a year or two younger than both of you... BUIT OH WELL!!!) I really like how your dress is ripped, it really does look nice and romantic... hehe, your gost soul... I'm sorry to hear you are dead as you are one of my favorite bloggers... But I suppose your soul is nice too...
Anyways, thank you for this awesome post!!!
Please also check out my blog (sorry, I know it must be annoying to get comments all saying go to this blog ect... but because Im like everyone else it would make me a happy duck if you looked at my blog...)

isabelscavetta said...

I am in love with your headband - florals are just so beautiful! <3

I also have some serious hair envy of you >:3

Daisy Darling said...

May I just say; Those uber cool purple suede shoes your friend is sporting in the first picture are totally brill. I'm going to hunt down a similar pair or shoot myself in the foot.
Ay, be sure to check out our fashion blog you critters out there!:

georgia97 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
georgia97 said...

I love the glasses necklace and the scarf over the bag on the bottom right,love the shoes as well xx

Edy Pavey said...

I really like this color combination!

Miki said...

I LOVE your style and this outfit in particular.

Happy Monday!


Lydia Rose said...

I'm just kinda in love with your dress. You look so pretty.


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Thordur Sveinsson said...

I've been kicking myself for the last couple of days for not going shooting on fashion week.... oh well

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allison said...

have you seen thie movie Submarine? It looks like something you'd like. my husband and I are watching it tonight. oh this is Ms. Myers.

Orjen said...

You look so wonderful and mature in that pink vintage dress. Very unexpected.

mashkuzmenka said...

First look is cool <3

Unknown said...

you look great!!!!!!

kira said...

I love Ruby's color blocking in this! And your coat looks very complicated and COOL.

cardigan said...

Love these colorful and diverse looks, they're all so odd and diffrent, I'd like to combine certain features of every look!

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Jamshaid Ayaz said...

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Lily said...

Love these colorful and diverse looks, they're all so odd and diffrent, I'd like to combine certain features of every look!

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