look like that

More photos from Fashion Week for GARAGE Magazine's street style contest, STOPS! The names of both of those things are supposed to be in caps, I am not yelling at you.
More stylin' Rookies. It was so great to see Leeann's fashion writing genius manifested into a REAL LIVE OUTFIT. Her sweater sitchiation is very close to this month's half-Sweet Valley High-inspired theme. Ruby was wearing SEAL barrettes that you can't see but which were every bit as crazy good as they sound and more. (Also she doesn't know it but I've adopted her as my little sister even though we are only a year apart. WHATEVER I'M TECHNICALLY HER BOSS I GET TO DO WHATEVER I WANT) (That's like, ethical right?)
Alley of Stylelikeu had this long wool coat-dress that I wish I'd gotten a better picture of -- you can kind of see that the right side is scalloped to fit the shape of the buttons. If I were a cartoon character and had to have copies of the same outfit in my closet and no other options, I'd want it to be this dress. Keiko's hair-glasses combination was already impeccable, but the striped sweater with a leopard print bag realllllly got to me.
My vintage dress started out all clean and pretty and throughout the day got torn and black at the bottoms because I let it drag on the ground, but I kind of really like it this way. Autumn said it's kinda Picnic at Hanging Rock, which my jacket, a gift from Rodarte, only adds to in the best way. I made my headband. Kristina's hat killed me a little, but then her necklace was glasses and her bag scarf had horses on it and then I died completely and this is actually my ghost writing this post, right now.