COGs in an ideal high school

Thinking about Rayanne got me thinking about "regular" girls whose style I admire, which came back around to GIRLS ON THE INTERNET, DUH. These fine ladies remind me of Rayanne for the thrown-togethered-ness, but mostly because their style makes me feel like if they went to my school they'd be my Cool Older Girl for the simultaneous mystery and boldness that emanate from the ends of each technicolor hair and every sweater fiber.

Plus, their styles all remind me of teenage bedrooms which I am really fascinated by since it's the environment a person tries to create for themself while constructing new identities and in an attempt to run away within their own home. Then there's all this old memory sentimental junk lying around even when someone tries becoming a different person, childhood leftovers and embarrassing souvenirs among hair dye and newly discovered music. (If you too share my obsession, maybe even to the extent of knowing that feeling of creepiness when asking someone whose house you're in if you can see their room, or feeling even creepier when you sneak a peak without asking, I recommend this.)

Maddie has mismatch-legged jeans like Rayanne's and takes wonderful photos.

Marlena makes a lot of her own clothes (I SEE YOU, "EXCUSE ME" GRRRL MANIFESTO T-SHIRT) and is generally a print-mixing goddess.

Writing about mollysoda makes me feel like I'm exploiting a gem of the internet but she gave me permission and I feel like a lot of people need to know about her rat, Sarah Michelle Gellar. Plus it wouldn't be a post about Cool Older Girls if there wasn't anyone to be deemed a bad influence! STOP LOOKING AT HER TUMBLR IT WILL MAKE YOU BUY A RAT AND SMOKE MARIJUANA WITH IT