COGs in an ideal high school

Thinking about Rayanne got me thinking about "regular" girls whose style I admire, which came back around to GIRLS ON THE INTERNET, DUH. These fine ladies remind me of Rayanne for the thrown-togethered-ness, but mostly because their style makes me feel like if they went to my school they'd be my Cool Older Girl for the simultaneous mystery and boldness that emanate from the ends of each technicolor hair and every sweater fiber.

Plus, their styles all remind me of teenage bedrooms which I am really fascinated by since it's the environment a person tries to create for themself while constructing new identities and in an attempt to run away within their own home. Then there's all this old memory sentimental junk lying around even when someone tries becoming a different person, childhood leftovers and embarrassing souvenirs among hair dye and newly discovered music. (If you too share my obsession, maybe even to the extent of knowing that feeling of creepiness when asking someone whose house you're in if you can see their room, or feeling even creepier when you sneak a peak without asking, I recommend this.)

Maddie has mismatch-legged jeans like Rayanne's and takes wonderful photos.

Marlena makes a lot of her own clothes (I SEE YOU, "EXCUSE ME" GRRRL MANIFESTO T-SHIRT) and is generally a print-mixing goddess.

Writing about mollysoda makes me feel like I'm exploiting a gem of the internet but she gave me permission and I feel like a lot of people need to know about her rat, Sarah Michelle Gellar. Plus it wouldn't be a post about Cool Older Girls if there wasn't anyone to be deemed a bad influence! STOP LOOKING AT HER TUMBLR IT WILL MAKE YOU BUY A RAT AND SMOKE MARIJUANA WITH IT


Lucia said...

Silly Innocent Girl is one of my favorite blogs. Cool post.

Mitchie said...

Oh Cool! I already read Marlena's blog!

amanda said...

Have you seen this:
It's pictures of teenage girls in their bedrooms in the US and the Middle East - they're really beautiful!

Dori the Giant said...

Some of those are quite.. interesting.

ilikeiliketoforkmyself said...

all are wonderful xD

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOOKING AT PICTURES OF PEOPLE'S ROOMS! thanks for that link. there's also ourbedrooms livejournal community :D

Our Youth said...


Marlena said...

Awww Tavi! You're too nice.
Just being mentioned in the same post as Maddie, Molly Soda AND Rayanne Graff is enough to make me squeal like a deranged fangirl. This made my day for sure <3

Amy B. said...

Ha ha! Some great people, Tavi. Marlena's blog is ah-mazing.

Tavi said...

You're so welcome, Marlena!!

chloé said...

preety (: i love the last ones hair !

Alexi Frest said...

It is funny, about young female stars and "bad influence" - I also find this ridiculous. You know, we never hear about young MALE stars who have bad influence on youngsters. By the way, I like Sarah Michelle Gellar much. (However, do not risk your rat's health with marijuana!)

Style Stars said...

such a great post-- it is cute per usual, but you are such a good writer too-- i love the part about teenage rooms and the attempt to run away in your own home...

Jenny said...

thanks so much for these links! (more!)

Unknown said...

rad girls

Jessica said...

Love those pictures. Really inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Great post Tavi!


I didn't know her but we like her style!


Mihaela said...

Interesting :O

KARLITO said...

Ah, Marlena, a total creative babe. UGH Then Mollysoda seriously the raddest babe in all the internet-land. Tiny Chat isn't the same when she's not on. (Srsly, too many creeps roam that site)

ponynamedlucifer said...

The girls are really unique. I like their original self-assured punky style)))

2heels1flash said...

I love japanese style foreveeeeeeeeeeer!!!!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I love your blog, how gorgeous!
XOXO Nicole, VPV Team Member
Check us out & follow @

Unknown said...

Love this post...All the pics are amazing..

meagan said...

mollysoda, lol. i appreciate that she's the only "tumblr-famous" girl that isn't mean to her "fans".

Hanna said...

What are you doing when you clean out your room then?

Lydia Armstrong said...

Nice shout-outs. Real-girl style is the best style.

Maxens M. Finch said...

Thanks for making us discover them.

tinyjunco said...


hee hee, good to know the younger generation is keepin' the flame alive! (of course I AM NOT endorsing drug use, merely the creation of fond memories with members of the rodentia sp.)

i was listening to the radio on the weekend, they said the indigenous name for hamsters translates as 'Mr. Saddlebags'. can you imagine anything cuteR@!!?!?!

i sure can't. steph

Jenna said...

OH MY! It may be I just had a heart attack. AWESOMENESS OVERLOAD.
Thank u for that.
Love ur blog!!

20thCgirl said...

Marlena is just too cool.

I wish I had her style brain - every outfit just WORKS in a way that isn't too over the top.

Cloud P. said...

they have great ideas

Michele said...

Love them ALL. And naming your rat Sarah Michelle Gellar is way too cool.

Sophie Frances said...

I feal so with it for already being marlena's paparazzi. lol. your right molly soda is a godess. she and miuccia prada should have a god party.

zoomslow said...

I like Marlena’s pink boots. And Molly Soda’s pairing of what looks like a Disney t-shirt with her blue hair is genius.

Cristina said...

Awesome! I remember having bedroom envy when I was in middle school and junior high. Now I spend my time looking at other people's apartments, daydreaming about what my perfect home will look like. One thing I must have in my future home is my own "bedroom". A place where I can work on stupid girly things and watch embarrassing movies with out the judgement of my b.f. :) I will also take naps there.

Love the post,

Maddie said...

agh agh agh thank you so much <3 squeeing

Kaiami said...

Marlena is my hero. Love this post. Also, I miss your frequent outfit posts.

(Hard G) Gillian said...

I'm 22 and living in my bedroom at my parents' house for probably the last few months, and I'm getting very sentimental about my room. I have a few friends whose parents redecorated their kids' rooms the second they left for college. I think I'd have been traumatized by that. Something that has always struck me as odd is the difference in bedrooms between my girl friends and guy friends. I know there are guys out there who see their room as a reflection of self or a haven, etc etc, but all the ones I know seem to live in a funny time warp where their bedrooms don't change much since childhood. I was super surprised when I found out a good guy friend of mine still has a Noah's Ark themed bedroom despite being a pretty grown man and an atheist. I'm not saying my room doesn't still contain elements of my childhood, but I think I and my lady friends cared more whether our rooms were reflections of us. This could also have something to do with the fact that I seem to spend much more time in here than, say, my younger brother spends in his room. For him it's just a place to sleep. I would be curious to meet a guy with a bedroom more like mine, because I can't fathom living for years in a room I'd outgrown.

Yajaira said...

fun fun

Style With K said...

cool post! Are we following each other?? i always follow back and i love to meet new bloggers and the feedback!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

Joelle Owusu said...

Great pics!
Say hi to your newest follower!
Greetings from London, England :)

Kate Rose said...

I like the way you think.
2nd maddie picture reminds me of a Cindy Sherman photo

Sir Rabin said...

I'm 21, your 15 (right?), well i guess that makes you my 'cool younger girl'. You are a true inspiration.

check out my blog, if i didn't live in Australia I think we'd be sistazzz! xx

Anonymous said...

So amazing !!


Gert said...

Yah so can you like be my 'cool' younger friend?... AH SHUCKS. you live on the other side of thee world. INTERNET BUDDIES. oh dear.. what am i say. bai now.x

Cara said...

Marlena and MollySoda are some of THE coolest people on the internet <3
Just discovered Maddie's blog last night and am addicted already. Maddie is such a cool name.

Arianna Ventura said...

i love this blog.

Daniel said...


sockmonster said...

Maybe you've already seen these but I thought you'd like them

cancercowboy said...

quite interesting girls, maybe i'll use the WE to take a look at their sites. hope this doesn't sound too much like a meat inspection...
and i always check the medicine cabinets of new acquaintances; maybe they have worthwhile prescription drugs they won't miss ^_______^

Angeles Almuna said...

Great post! great girls! there are so unique and it's great to see people than they expres they self in any way and so wonderful done it....
Kisses lady Tavi

Brie G. said...

J'adore les portments et les cheveux et les colours. Tres chic.

Laurie said...

I wish more girls in that generation are as expressive as she is. Kudos!

Catherine said...

Oh man, I totally get what you're saying about teenage bedrooms. I redecorated mine in eighth grade. I wanted it to be sophisticated, neat, organized, spotless... but sharing it with my sister presented a few restrictions. She's since gotten her own room, which doesn't really matter now since she's at college. Anyway, it's still so teenage... even though I'm now eighteen and evidently in the last stages of teenagedom.

These girls have great styles and some great hair.


Jean-pierre MATTEI ( clothings maker who shares some fashion sketches .............................. ) said...


Lovely !
Full of life !

I show my fashion sketches on mine...

Anonymous said...

I like marlena's purple outfit. It feels Givenchyish!

Ruby McGuinness said...

love your blog so much!

Tabea said...

Oh em ge. <3 I love these styles soooo much! Wow. Full of inspirations. :]

Please follow and leave comments! ♥

welovefur said...

I love it
I'm your follower. :=)
Your blog is amazing!!!!
I hope you will follow me
with love

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to be in sixth form cos I see them with their cool clothes and hair and when I get there i want to be that 6 former that everyone wants to be like .great post you never fail to inspire me x

Moonchild said...

Crazy girls.
If you may come and watch my tumblr
(My english is bad, I'm french ...)

I know that this kind of comment, where people advertise their own blog are boring... but "qui ne tente rien n'a rien" as we say in France ^^
'Hope you'll pay some interest to my blog, love your's.

Izzen said...

Colour pleases me; congrats.

iJazz said...

Firstly, read Cunt.
Secondly, do more outfit posts.
That's all.

Stephanie Frye said...

Tavi, This picture of Greg Hawkes on NerdBoyfriend reminded me of you...

Agnes said...

I think you can add this target="_blank" after the link you post. In that case, there will be a pop-up window for the website, and still stay in style rookie!

thwany said...

i want to be best friends with all of them.

Unknown said...

I just checked marlenas blog thanks for posting pics of her are I would have never found her.

Anonymous said...

Great picture's!

Sister said...

Tudo bem xuxu?
- Adorei#
Xero beeeeem grande \ô//

MarbellaStyle said...

Tavi, when can we see you and your classmates in a class picture?

Cheers from Spain.

Lillie said...

Thank you for posting this, I'm constantly looking for new blogs! ( I spend to much time on the computer...heh heh...) I just started a blog and I know you don't have a lot of time but if you do would you check it out? Thanks

Anonymous said...

hi Tavi! i know your a busy being 14 and all i get it ! so two things
1: that orange hair is scrumdidlyumptoius(i am feeling very charlie and the chocolate factory today)
2: i started a blog today( in my mind i said that in a sing-songy voice he he) it is called :) check it out and follow me please i mentioned you and your fantabulos wig...ok sorry gtg and see what happens next...ray-anne is soo unpredictable!!! <3

Esther said...

Love your blog :)

Lucy Putina said...

guys follow for follow????

Milena said...

hey, I'm Milena, I'm Polish. I love your blog. I'm trying to do the same, but I think it just comes to me, "Polish fake":)

JIM Designs said...

If you like Stevie Nicks, you should check out the 70's band Heart.

I was initially drawn to your blog because you wrote about current runway shows and sort of displayed your version of (genius) mood boards for designers collections. It made haute couture relatable. And I think you're brilliant when creating your own inspirations too, but lately your posts have felt a bit too Claire's accessories. Hope you get back to your previous style.

Annie Spandex said...

Marlena's amazing! Good choice :) XX

P.S. Claire's is awesome lol

Unknown said...

Here's a question not really related to this post, but I just remembered the show. Have you ever seen "Clarissa explains it all" early-mid 90s show on that was on Nickelodeon? Her style wasn't overly out there, but it had it's moments.

Unknown said...

also please disregard the name, I was too lazy to sign out of my bf's account

Izzy said...

Jeez they are all so rad, and they all have amazing tights?!?! Don't we all wish we had older girls in our school like that. Plus aha just had a bedroom clean out as of your post..teeheee...

mike said...

"bLaCk FlaG is DULL and Ordinary" late 20th century anti(anti) statement, author unknown.

Anonymous said...

if i had the monies, i would send you this immediately:

fairy on acid said...

This is so amazing! I'm loving them all. Inspiring for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tavi i love your blog you are an absolute rolemodel to me i think you should do more posts about girls and their rooms aslo could you be the best and check out my blog at

thank you

Anonymous said...

Hey Tavi i love your blog you are an absolute rolemodel to me i think you should do more posts about girls and their rooms aslo could you be the best and check out my blog at

thank you

Daniel said...


















vanessa said...

i am loving this photo project of teens and their bedrooms byt a Boston area photographer...

Jerico Jien said...

what a great fashion..awesome

Mimi said...

I want to dye my hair pink!

heatherheartsfashion said...

pink ramones ruffle tee <3 so rad.

i <3 you too tavi, you are a true inspiration of mine, i'd love it if you check out my blog

Mertxe Hernàndez said...

Nice close ups, some people are great. Good looking pictures.

The Holly Rivers Show said...

I found Marlena first!!!!! ha ha! i interviewed her for my blog a few months ago...she sure is a wickedy wick dope chick!

LadyNoir said...



Aurora said...

That is so weird... we have the same exact style. Cool!

Eda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eda said...

Wow Her style is so awesome!!
What I wanted!!
so amazing


Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...


Hahah oh you KNOW I've gotta go look at it now.

Jerico Jien said...

For me, it's more than just liking these teen girls fashion statement. You know why? It's because not only that they're unique, they show such great confidence, doing what they want to do and just simply express themselves. And one of the things to see it is through the way they dress. Amazing!

"Vacuum Cleaners | best vacuum cleaners reviews 2011"

Sarah Hess said...

Tavi! Your thoughts about teenagers constructing refuges made me remember of this great article cute girl and fellow fashion-lover Molly Young wrote for about memories of wanting to fill her room with all the items from her Delia's catalog. Check it out!


winneris1 said...

hey Tavi I don't know if you know this but you were born about 25 years too late. everything you love is my childhood, young adulthood, and college years. It's too funny, what's your mom like? Anyhow I used too have a book that was pictiures of teenage girls in their bedrooms probs published around 1992??? I live in Ireland now and all my beloved books are in storage in LA so I'm unsure of title but it was a Sassy reccomendation so you should be able to track it down through your collection of old Sassy's. take care wonderful girl.M.

Lola_in_Wonderland said...

hahahahahha! i definately knew the feeling you meant with the bedroom, sort of embaressed..i clicked on the link hahaha! i love it <3

Miranda said...

im sad you posted mollysoda. respect lost. but i still love everything else you post.

Ruthan said...

Someday when you are old like me, you should write a post about why I don't feel like I can dress like this anymore*, even though I wish I could.

* Whether I was ever capable of dressing myself quite like this is open to debate.

Pinecone Stew said...

SUPER photographs !!!

yael said...

You know, I just realized Molly Soda has the face of Peaches Geldof. I am not sure how I feel about this.

Asta said...

Great bloggers! Makes me so sad when Tumblr is over capacity, but i will def. check out mollysoda tomorrow! :)

Prutha Raithatha said...

hehe...i love these girsl..have see them around and loved their crazyness

Fabrício Pereira Da Silva said...

I loved the Marlene I knew, I love her style, the other acabdo know and I'll follow the blog of them all are beautiful!

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Izumihiiiflower said...

love those girls' style!
Molly soda had blonde eyebrows now!

Erica said...


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