is this like a noxzema commercial or what?

I have nothing xmas-related to offer at the moment since this year has been a bit Charlie Browny, but I am, as always, thrilled to go on about fabrics that look like school supplies. Especially Cher Horowitz's school supplies.

Versus SS11 got me really excited about Christopher Kane's ways of making the line the perfect little sister to Versace. It's playful and not explicitly ~sensuale~ but includes nods to its birthmother (yeah, I just made Versace its big sister and birthmother, I guess it's Faye Dunaway in Chinatown) with neon bodycons. The prints might be some of my favorite of this season because they have a, for lack of better word and because I'm always making excuses to talk like Paula Deen, dollop of irony. Like, I just want them to cover my pencil cases and textbooks and the inside of my locker. And it wouldn't be bad to own them in clothes form, too.
Alex Prager, Adidas billboard, Kate and Naomi, Clueless, Versace SS94 by Steven Meisel, whatever, nails.


Joey Becerra said...

yay first comment!!

Christopher Kane is a godsend to Versus!!! He's really bringing a fresh perspective to the well as good publicity! Really reinvigorated the brand

Mitchie said...

Oh god.. I love Christopher Kane!
He is such a cutie, too!

My Heart Blogged said...

I love the Christopher Kane designs. Also, I've always been obsessed with Clueless.
My Heart Blogged

Sophia said...

I love Christopher Kane! In saying so, I quite like the re-emergence of this so called 'trend'. Cher had pretty alright style, just a tad less plaid and it's all good.

zoomslow said...

Eeeeee! Kate Moss with big white fluffy shoulders! And that cheerleading girl in the post below seems to be, exhilarated? Merry Christmas, Tavi :-)

jasmine said...

OH, how I love you Chris Kane.

Sophie said...

I love these. Back-to-school vibes are the best.

slav said...

tavi! check peter gabriel - sledgehammer filmclip for maximum viewing insanity!!!!

favio said...

I love all the contrast going on in some combination's of fabric.
Small satchels and colours are perfection.

brittany murphy ♥

Kacrates said...

Kane is a master at prints. I love Clueless, I remember the movie and tv show as a child a few years ago :)

Sabrina ♥ Chérie said...

Hmmm I don´t like it really...

CO. JCTN said...

i dont know how, but for your age, your ah-frikken-mazing, please follow me :)

Verena said...

Extreme, freak and stunning, I love Kane!!!

Renee said...

Those Versace ads are the coolest things ever.
And this is yet another great post, Tavi. You really inspire me :)

M.Weston said...

Joyeux Noël !!!
Merry Christmas !!!
Frohe Weihnachten !!!
!!! Feliz Navidad !!!
!!! عيد ميلاد مجيد
God Jul !!!
メリークリスマス !!!
Buon Natale !!!
С Рождеством !!!
圣诞节快乐 !!!


jazz fututa sum hic said...

half of me wants to say' yey for CK!'
and the other half wants me to make a witty Chinatown reference
so i'll just shoot myself in the foot and do both but very poorly

Unknown said...

There is certainly something very pleasing about these prints! I rate Cristopher Kane far more than Versace (especially than Donatella's era!) although Versace jeans are fantastic.

Katia said...

I find these prints kind of Marc Jacobsy

Anonymous said...

plaid and florals i love it.and satchels and flowers and 90's arrgh so so amazing.and clueless i love that film.actually today im wearing plaid and floral!! crazy .i'd love for you to check out my blog sometime .xxxx

boyunso said...

yes!! seeing how Christoper Kane make his things is very exiting!!
i love him!! :D

Molly Mercurio said...

Christopher Kame to town and I died because of his fab fashion. Giggle.

My Posting ID said...

Those fingernails remind me of Italian mosaic brooches.

the chic addict said...

Woweee, I love it! Awesome tie-in with Clueless too.

Amira Rasool said...

this is such a good idea, I love how you compared this new collection with the old adorable clueless fashions. I loved that move nice job. check out my blog sometime :)

Alexi Frest said...

Wow - some of them are just as stick thin as me.
Naomi looks awesome, although I'm a bit angry with her. She did have a beautiful mane of thick curly hair (I have always wanted curly hair), and she had it straightened, by now she lost some of it. She looks better with her original curly hair.

Sabina said...

I love all the floral patterns in those photos. But... am I the only one who thinks the clothes in "Clueless" were absolutely awful? And having been in high school then I can also safely say no one dressed like that.

Sabina said...

Now the clothes in "Jawbreaker"--those were cute!

Nai nai said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Caddy said...

Great 90s references. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

fairy on acid said...

In love with the fabulous collection, and the nail polish in the last picture! AAAH! <3

make sure to follow and comment <3

Jade Andersen said...

i love the florals and plaid :)

merry christmas tavi x

Anonymous said...

that naomi/kate picture is hanging on my wall right now, whhhaaaat? again, same wave lengths.

Anonymous said...

I liked this collection.

Viki said...

Cool! What I like the most of Versus SS11 are the bags, they're so nice!!
Merry Christmas Tavi :)


Anastasija said...

love the photos!

Anonymous said...

People who spend that much time on their nails get good results!

Natalie Wilder said...

love the nails :D I can hardly paint my own it looks like a crack addict did them lol

Zoe Schlacter said...

Thank you Tavi, for introducing me to new things and inspiring my outfit choices.

Unknown said...

thanx for the love Tavi!
xo janine from GOD CLUB

Anonymous said...

Those nails are pretty BA. Haha I guess the holidays are tame for you compared to September of this year huh? Well then perhaps we should look ahead and say Happy February?

melina bee said...

cracked me up with your chinatown reference... question: who did/what product is on the nails? I'd love a similar manicure

The Clothes Press said...

Egh want to dress like that everyday this spring. :)

Carla Cenatiempo said...

love christopher kane!!! loving the chinatown reference haha


Unknown said...

wow, these looks are absolutely amazing, adore this mix of colours, prints, and textures

style meerkat said...

wow, amazing clothes ! great post


Anonymous said...


SMD said...

OMG (because it increases the school-girl feel here)
These prints are like, so totally amazing! I just, like, really kinda wanna paste them all over my math binger, I'm gonna be like, the most popular girl in school, no one will ever know that, like, I just got my stuff at staples.... Hilarious, inspiring post, as always :)

Yajaira said...

love the miny florals - love the bright colors... great post.. merry christmas..

Melika said...

You have such a lovely taste. Those nails are radical. xx


Rafael Franco said...

Hello Tavi

Great Christopher Kane collection. I love it!!!! Thanks for sharing.

kisses from Brazil*

Izzen said...

Ahh, super-cute! Things like this actually make me miss school a little bit.

ashley said...

the nails are so good, and surprisingly, I'm liking a lot of the elements from the Versus. Thanks for showing bc I probably wouldn't have sought it out (not a fan of Versace sensuale). Seems like it will be a trendsetting show.

ENID P. said...

nice nails!!

Florence said...

Wooo i love the deco of the nails!

JIM Designs said...

Hoping this mix and match look never goes away...

hope505 said...

That manicure is the BOMBbaaaaaaaaaDINGAAA!!!! *hahaha I am totally biting your nails!!! (if I can determine how to do it.)
(ironic slang.)
* = )

hanna cousins said...

i want those fantastic nails!

Nolita said...

The nails with the flowers are so cool!

FB: Nolita Vintage Shop & Blog

cancercowboy said...

did they hide autostereograms in the prints? ;)

Anonymous said...

omg that nailpolissh is so prettyyyy!
i wish there actually were unique nail polish pattern like those hahha.
great blog! xx

Sean Santiago said...

wow, love that Versus collection - and I hadn't seen a single thing from it! Thanks for that, now I'm determined to get me one of them bags though so my credit card isn't too happy.

Becky Ellison said...

I especially love the nails, major yum...
I like the contast with the photo from Clueless, I just love that film!x

Unknown said...


Hannah said...

Love the picture of Kate and Naomi, a look I wish I could pull off!

ELM said...

Ha! I love that plaid suit... you could totally werk the technicolor bbq grandpa look...or shall I say Scottish paratrooper?

Fashion in the Alps said...

wow i love the nails!!

xoxo S.

aand take a look at my blog and follow if you want (also on Facebook or Bloglovin) -would be great!

cachoo said...

Recognised that quote/headline instantly as I'd watched Clueless again over the holidays! I really want the Dress Assistant for Mac (only discovered it yesterday - but it's just like Cher's wardrobe software!) x

Miss Auditore said...

Nail , Kate and Naomi <3

Bianca said...

adorei as fotos, principalmente a ultima! muito fofo!

Taylor B. said...

after readin this post, I think I like you now, Tavi. :)

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