is this like a noxzema commercial or what?

I have nothing xmas-related to offer at the moment since this year has been a bit Charlie Browny, but I am, as always, thrilled to go on about fabrics that look like school supplies. Especially Cher Horowitz's school supplies.

Versus SS11 got me really excited about Christopher Kane's ways of making the line the perfect little sister to Versace. It's playful and not explicitly ~sensuale~ but includes nods to its birthmother (yeah, I just made Versace its big sister and birthmother, I guess it's Faye Dunaway in Chinatown) with neon bodycons. The prints might be some of my favorite of this season because they have a, for lack of better word and because I'm always making excuses to talk like Paula Deen, dollop of irony. Like, I just want them to cover my pencil cases and textbooks and the inside of my locker. And it wouldn't be bad to own them in clothes form, too.
Alex Prager, Adidas billboard, Kate and Naomi, Clueless, Versace SS94 by Steven Meisel, whatever, nails.