i say we go with big blue here

Another picture from the woods taken by Ella, woo. The outfit is supposed to be what a Spitboy and Stevie Nicks-listening teenager wears when going to the woods to try casting spells on enemies, but that story only really makes sense in my head. (Note: This is not autobiographical.) (Note: I bet that convinced you.) (Note: Just adding another Note for aesthetic purposes. I have a problem with even numbers.)

Tee by Sophomore, necklace from Urban Outfitters, Risto Bimbiloski skirt, sparkly sweater and furry shoes were thrifted, Mandy Coon bunny bag, Gara Danielle ring, and Hayden-Harnett bag. FTC disclosure: The skirt, bags, and ring were sent to me by the respective brands.

The angst was provided by the Heathers-referencing tee and bunny bag, and the rest is all spell-casting cosmos. The sweater (which looks gray in photos but is actually all sparkly and purple/gold) was supposed to combine the angst with cosmic witch to balance it out.
Lately I've found myself feeling little desire to look at a lot of this season's shows, partly because fall is my favorite season and I hate the idea of looking at people in swimsuits, but I also feel very much inspired by other things at the moment and would like to live in this world for a little while longer.