basement valentine

I'm a little too proud of this outfit to not post on it...
I guess it's my room in outfit form, with a blanket print and arts n' craftsy shoes and dress and top. Plus it had to be multi-colored to match my room. When I was littler I really wanted to get the Trading Spaces Jr. treatment, but in retrospect that would have been a terrible idea. As a toddler I told my sister that when I'd grow up I'd be either a "birthday party girl" (whatever that means,) a Barbie (I don't even want to get into the implications here,) or a pancake (THEY WERE MY FAVORITE FOOD OKAY.) I think it's a terribly positive thing I didn't sleep in a Barbie-themed room every night for years. Though pancakes might be kind of cool.

The dress is my Bat Mitzvah dress from Loehmann's, the top is Comme des Garcons, Hudson's Bay sweater, DIY'd hair clip, random socks, and the shoes were a gift from Comme des Garcons.

And oh, these LEGGINGS:
I am obsessed. They were sent to me by the brand, so let's review...

Brand: Romance Was Born
Pros: You mean other than the fact that these are afghan squares in leggings form? The print is vivid and precise, and they're super comfortable.
I find that a lot of designer samples' width fit me perfectly and are way too long the other way, but it's a pain when the actual product is sized for models, too. These leggings are not a sample, so the proportions are slightly uncomfortable. I just fold over the waistband a ton.

And, in honor of my pictured Cibo Matto 45, let us all take three minutes and six seconds out of our days to have our minds blown: