i will never get tired of this collection

To continue yesterday's post on Marc Jacob's Fall collection, the campaign came out these past couple weeks and only reinforces the sense of nostalgia I got from the show. As for the first shot, well, that kind of carpet-wallpaper-furniture combo just brings a certain sentimentality to the already wistful shimmery bow dress and long brown skirt. The last two remind me of the part of childhood nostalgia where you try and recall what it's like to really enjoy the things around you and to find them new and exciting. So basically what I'm trying to say is, Juergen Teller is a time-traveling copycat who went into the future, read my blog, and then used my interpretation of it for his photography. The joke is on him, though, because his copycatting forced me to write that sentence, which made me think of a great new idea for a television series I will soon try to get in development: TIME-TRAVELING CAT.