throw her away

Meh, I lied, still into summer hippie swamp fairy witch vibes. Pacing, pacing. (photos vice, hole, stevie dance's candles by tommy ton, vintage juergen, don't really know what this is, brion nuda rusch.)


S said...

First comment WOW, I LOVE YOUR BLOG, i cant even explain how much :D What a cool post, Loved the Last post aswell, keep up your great work....Sarah..0x

Lorelai Sebastian said...

hey ... love the old photo with the 2 girls!!!!it has a caracter!love it!

kisses from greee!

Robyn said...

nothing at all wrong with the summer hippie vibe! I run through it every day :D


Emilie ! said...

:) Yeah I'm having that 'oh my god its nearly autumn isn't that amazing?' but then maybe I'd just rather staying with summer for the while. So freaking tempermental!! ahhhhh. But anyway.... its so wierd cause I was gonna just post that pic of young anna wintour, its in my picture file waiting to be posted :) haha.

Emilie xx

daniela kate morosini said...

i can't start thinking about autumn yet, summer's barely broken in london! love the virgin suicides though :) i kinda want to be lux lisbon

Chloe Tweeny said...

urgh, i don't wanna think about fall already, summer hasn't even started here yet! although i have always loved fall dressing more than summer clothes. love the last picture

Lisanne said...

haha i love your writing, just read the gaga-madonna post, you're so funny! xxx


Love the photo with the two women.

emily said...

"summer hippie swamp fairy witch vibes"

this is what i feel like all the time. thank you for putting it into words

cosmic visions said...

crazy, i just got that Retard Girl 7" last week and i posted about it here... ...if u feel like checking it out

S. Kahlon said...

That last image is great. The lines match up so well.

Bianca said...


Sootjeelina said...

Cool inspiration!

xoxo Sootjeelina <3

Sootjeelina said...
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brightlightsbigcity said...

I love the one with the girl hanging of the tree. It's so silly and carefree and I LOVE SUMMER! Although I completely understand lusting after fall with all the amazing collections in your face all the time.

Artemis said...

Love the pics!


Anonymous said...

Love a girl from 1 photo, beautiful!
This photo is original very much!


walrus said...

ooh:D loved the pics, especially the first and last ones, very cool vibes, liek a daydreamer in a rainstorm or sumtin. =)

Unknown said...

LOve the pics.. amazing first photo!!!


Jenna said...


great aesthetics said...

the first picture is by ellen rogers. i'm madly in love with her. she has a blog too:

Miss Tami Lee said...

It's not even warm here in Seattle yet, I'm still waiting for summer itself!

Contact said...

ive heard all the rave about those candles, i need to try them out for myself!!


SarahPeslar said...

totally wanting to become a hippie in the summer, just like all the girls photographed :p

Shawn said...

haha...Love that pic in the bottom left with the two hippies. They look so high!!

bryonyeleanorparker said...
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bryonyeleanorparker said...

love it a lot..

for more fashion and well everything.
checkout my blog..
would be muchly appreciated.

Erin said...

I agree. The summer hippie swamp fairy witch vibe is hard to let go of. I dig it.

zoomslow said...

Oh wow! The zine you're working on looks amazing! You've got some mad skills :-))

Sigrunn Marie said...


Chloe Michele said...

Love second pic

Märta said...

so beautiful - almost like an error.


samantha said...

Funny you should say you are into hippie swamp fairy witch vibes because that is EXACTLY what I've been feelin' lately. Like, exactly. Except I would add crotchety, powdery hag into the mix. And some cheap incense.

legser said...

Amazing colors !!! love the first picture !!! XXX

Sanam said...

I think im the only person confused by this whole post lol.Trust me to be so behind ;L

- "get that halston heritage glow for LESS!" - latest article posted on my blog :D check it out :D

rödtott said...

Hey.Im from sweden and I had a dream about you tonight. You lived next door to me and my girlfriend and where really enoying. Trying to hang out with us all the time. One day we decided to let you in and we realized you where a cool and funny girl. After a while you and me went to Sydney Australia to be on the radio talking about the coulor red and the Swedish artist Sten-Erik Eneröd.(He is a fat old man in my village who sings about rivers and raindeers).


bananafish said...

i love how one blog leads to another, leads to another and another. that's how i found you. i don't even remember where i started, but happy to have ended up here. very neat!

Unknown said...

Nice post... It made me think of scotland.. don't know why...
-the life of a belgian stylist-

hannah, heart city said...

summer summer summer!! love the ladies in thier swim suits :-)

Anna said...

Summer hippie swamp fairy witch.

Ha! what? you are awesome. a little genius.

Suzannah said...

Where do you get your photos from? They are fantastic!

BackOfTheOne said...

love the pics
summer come baks :) now
if you like people see this blog :)

Suzannah said...

Lovin your blog!


JennieB! said...

I just noticed you linked to Brion Nuda Rusch. He is from my town - or was here at one point. I like his new stuff - I have some KUUUURAZY 'sketches' of his from back when I was doing Platform Parties in SF.

That is all a big name drop/6degrees whatever bla bla - but also to give an excuse to hail at the altar of Tavi and tell you how much I love your blog, your aesthetic and that I'm super impressed and have recently been inspired by you.

San Francisco

cancercowboy said...

that fashion savage looks eerie. in an interesting way.

Hannah said...

yes, yes, yesss! such a good mood going on! :D

Unknown said...

The photo second from last with the two girls was on the front cover of a handbook for one of my uni courses. My tutor has good taste :)

Unknown said...
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Jenn said...

Nice. This is probably my demographic! :)

Masha said...

I like the old picture with women at yellow hair.

Mary Jane said...


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