So! This thing I've been working on! Basically Miu Miu's offices were very very nice and let me borrow a few pieces from the Spring collection so I could take pictures for a gift I am making and for this here blog. I mean, that Spring collection was too good, it haunted my dreams and dominated my tumblr and also did I mention that it still haunts my dreams and still dominates my tumblr? No? Well then, I should tell you that it still haunts my dreams and still dominates my tumblr. I sent everything back today, and while it was a very painful thing to do, it was also for the best. All it might take is one extra wear to those kitten heels for my nasty germs to cause them to disintegrate and turn to silk dust right beneath my feet. And that would be tragic! Also, I get attached to things, and also, my camera would blow up after taking so many pictures. (Look at me, being all optimistic - a rare occurrence!) So, the first batch.

miu miu dress and shoes. hue socks from laia.

I've wanted to take personal hero Courtney Love-inspired pictures for a while and the finally warm weather and Miu Miu allowed me to try and do her hopefully at least a little justice. My first and second grader neighbors saw me dragging out the tripod and wanted to help me with the photos but I wasn't sure how to explain my smudged makeup, or heavy lipstick, or huge high heels, or, uh, naked people all over the dress. I am such a positive influence!