thurston may heart the who, but raf hearts the anna

I don't have anything intelligent to say about Jil Sander other than it was very Riot Grrrl/sleek office girl/Anna Wintour, aka awesome. It is too late in the evening and I am too hyped up about how much I loved it to try to delve into anything that goes beyond that.
The first few all-black looks were too repetitive and the couple pink/black one-shoulder dresses seemed out of place and done before, but other than that, this is how I want to look, all the time:
Jil Sander Fall 10
Jil Sander Fall 10
You must give all of these looks each their own time for your undivided attention.
I like how the traditional plaid is in a couple looks but in others it's just barely there and updated to something softer in texture and color scheme but stronger in silhouette.
The body suit that is in the center of the bottom collage is a whole other kind of "bodycon".
The boots and ponytail are A+.
one, two, three

I love the GLIMPSE of A.Dubulyew we get at the end. Too perfect!


Kim said...

kathleen hanna is amazing. did you see her mention you in her blog?

Kaila said...

Tavi, you rock. There are no other words to describe you. :-)

Emma said...

Really great collection. I can totally see the Anna Wintour thing. Those modest, Chanel tweed dresses. Amazing that you can form these great ideas at what? Midnight there? Amazing. Really great collection. Jill Sander is the true face of minimalism.

Anonymous said...

<3 very cool post

WendyB said...

Last one (right side) of the second row of pix -- love that.

blukats said...

Red dress top row, great neckline! I like that. Fashion needs more little tweaks like that.

If the boots were just a little higher on the calf it would be very 1960's. They are just low enough to get by that.

LO said...

wow it really is very ana wintour<333

There is the Little Rock Designer Choice preview show March 27 in Arkansas.

You should totally go! haha, i'd love to see you there.

korto momolu is hosting it.
and i anticpate more people than last year (1000)

Rumi Neely said...

I do very like the how pared down this is..I feel like this could easily have been a collection from years ago but in a good way. People always get all weird about boots that cut off right at that midcalf point and I even remember a Sartorialist post hammering that point in but it kind of makes me want to own a pair more?? Hmm but then again no one really sells them...probably for that reason. End ramble.

It was so nice finally meeting you in NY xxxx

Tayler Worrell said...

I feel like these pieces are really amazing and better styling would do them justice.
Ana Wintuor=stunning.
words cant describe.

Cassandra Watsham said...

Plaid has needed an update for a while. I love these, I want these, esp. that grey shorts one-piece. I'd love to see a plaid update a la McQueen Fall/Winter '09.

Nice picks, baby!

Unknown said...

TAVI. tavi tavi tavi.

love you girl, you're like simon c. But more likable.

I am Denise Katipunera

Vivalaflav said...

Much love to the Le Tigre thrown in there. x

Michele said...

very awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Love the plaids!!!

Anonymous said...

this is boring fashion.. sorry guys!!

Anonymous said...

I've always had on obsession with plaid so this collection was really amazing for me to see, I think that I like this collection now because of the day I'm having it's so weird because one day you can hate something and the next day you can love it, I guess this is just fashion.

From Dolly

burgundy lips said...

love Anna Wintour!

burgundy lips said...
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Mary said...

Love the 3rd look, top row. The pleated neckline is very cool.

Baro Lucas said...

I love Jil Sander!
Is lovely! A big kiss Tavi!

Felipe Olmedo said...


Chloe Tweeny said...

anna wintour is so badass. loves her!

Unknown said...

I am so pleased you have discoverd the world of Kathleen Hanna and co - I was lucky enough to dance to a song with her once and she's a lovely lady.

Rheanne said...

i love the clothes <3


Térrèse Kopp said...

Hi, Tavi.
First I just should say: your blog's amazing!
Then I should mention that, sometimes I think about a fashion show:" _This look is completely not wearable!" Few months later is just what I intend to use instead of outdated silhouettes.
But I love Jill Sander of course!


I am going to do a whole bloggers blog.. on you.

Malicious Mallory said...

Ooh, these ARE great!

Jill said...

Hello Tavi,

How are you?

I woke up to this post this morning - what a hilarious start to my day!
Thank you for your unfailing ability to make me laugh.

I am a fellow fashion blooger. You can view my blog at I emailed you, but did not receive a response. I also read on your blog that the best way to get in touch with other bloggers is commenting on their blog (so here I am! :) I am not the Proenza boys or the Rodarte girls, but I would love to hear from you!

Jill xo

Anonymous said...


Did you see the sempter issue movie? OMG. IT WAS AMAZING! YOU NEED TO SEE IT!

Anonymous said...

september issue, i meant:p

Rock Couture said...

I love the shorts with blazers


Cherie said...

I dunno... for me it was slightly boring, but I really like colors and I'm not really as cool as you, so I'll shut up.

StrangeAsAnjles said...

Hi there.

Like the other over-10,000-followers-who-suck-up-your-follower-limit-so-I-cant-follow-you-argh, I am truly amazed by not only your articulate yet quirky critique on all things fashion, but also your mastery of sarcastic-snarky-humor-witticism [it's a word, because I say so].

Not to mention you know who [and love!] Kathleen Hanna, Lou Reed, etc. are..

Also, not to mention the ice blue hair..and ability to make the way I dressed at your age appeal to people and change minds as opposed to just writing X-Files fanfic [dontjudgeme!] in your best friends attic wearing old lady hats and a pillow case as a dress.

Anyway, enough rambling. Nice to meet ya. I'm Anjle. Stop by and say hi sometime!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately in German but I am glad if they would comment on your photos for my style rookie GM

Erin said...

Great post! The colors are so rich and stylish!


PS- Can anyone who has the time read my blog?

Emily said...

Stunning collection - somewhat unexpected, but incredible nonetheless


HumanAdult said...

love Anna's pink/purple dress.
love that Jil Sander cast diverse people in the collection (the chinese model in red is gorgeous).
love the modern feel of it.

dont ya think this collection and Prada is aiming at the same thing?

iliketweet said...

Love this collection.

I really, REALLY want to be Anna Wintour, that would be the best job in the World.



kate cait sith said...

Oh, Anna. I think the collection could fair for a bit more color to be wholly up Anna's alley.

Álvaro said...

I love it very much!
Tavi, you receive my e-mail?

Olive Tee said...

omg I loved the boots!!

Oleg Kirsanov said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Oleg Kirsanov said...

yeah! I LOVE Raf Simons!

Oleg Kirsanov said...

yeah! I LOVE Raf Simons!

meagan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
meagan said...

it's interesting how the comments section of your blog has become a place for other bloggers to promote THEMSELVES, instead of any fostering meaningful conversations about YOUR posts. ANYWAY.

great review, i felt it was spot-on. i loved jil sander. very modern, clean, and sleek. i guess raspberry is going to be in for fall. heavily enjoying the one-pieces. i feel like look#9 is something i could feasibly wear to the office. style+functionality=A+ in my book.

Camila said...

I agree with you in the ponytails, the looked GREAT.
I love your blog tavi so if you can come and see mine, it's new! :)

Isabel said...

Fuck yeah, Bikini Kill reference. And Le Tigre. Actually, Le Tigre was how I first got into Bikini Kill. Riot Grrrl saved my life. The end.

Unknown said...

She's bad, she's bad, she knows it... but really who's bad ??


The Village Idiot said...


Shina Park said...

nice review

Shina Park said...

nice review

annie said...

jil sander is always one of my favorites. i love the 90's reference, and LOVE the vintage sci-fi element. two major, constant influences for me creatively.

this show, more than any other, really expressed how the look-order is exactly like creating a mix-tape. and this show was one kick-ass mix-tape.

Romain said...

raf already mentioned the september issue.are you being clever little twat? whose ass are u gonna lick next for the goodies?

Romain said...

raf already mentioned the september issue.are you being clever little twat? whose ass are u gonna lick next for the goodies?

Domino said...

Anna is such a wonderful inspiration, her style isnt exactly as I dress but I have mad respect for her.


Unknown said...

Love your blog Tavi!
Insider notes yall, check out GILT for these fabulous RUNWAY pieces at a fraction of a price, up to 70%off:

Hal E. Liebling said...

jil sander always blows my mind. i just bought some platform sandals from s/s '10. next to proenza, this was one of the standout collections.


zoomslow said...

Hey! :-) I also like this collection (from what you've shown here). It exudes a kind of relaxed, feminine, intelligence. However, I would have liked to see a bit more variation in silhouette and proportion. Most of these garments seem to read in a very similar way.

Hehe - don't you just love my critical comments regarding the work of these designers who have shed blood, sweat and tears to bring us their wares. I'm sure that when (and I say 'when' rather than 'if' - as I'm generally an optimist) I manage to produce a collection, I'm really certain that there won't be a single thing wrong with it - and everyone will love it. Yes, yes I'm sure ;-)

P.S Anna, if you're reading this - I'm a big fan! And if you're ever in need of some clothes to fill out that nice little magazine that you run...

page said...

my friend has a gold lamé body suit which that center body suit brought to my mind. she calls it "the taco smuggler", and I really think it's not a bad name, considering the silhouette.

I really enjoy your blog and your fashion sensibility. Hooray to all of the press you've received recently, as it brought me (and, i am sure, many other readers) to your blog. Cheers!

CR-AFT said...

So I had no idea you were in this miniseries Tavi:

If you haven't read/watched Pride and Prejudice yet, I highly recommend any and all of the versions out there... if anything you should watch some of them for the beautiful costumes and fabrics on display. Guess which character I think you are! smiley face.

Maddie said...

lol i'm doing my book report on Anna she is amazing!!!

W said...

I hate when people do this and I know it's completely annoying, but would you (or anyone!) check out my blog? It's brand new and I am wondering whether or not I should keep going with it. I know it will never be as famous or cool as yours, but a few followers might be cool!

So, if you get a chance, could you check out THANKS!

Gana said...

I talk about you here :

Anna said...

while watching I thought of Angelina Jolie (Lara Croft, Mr. and Mrs. Smith)), the Russian female spy, Momo/The Men in Grey and of course Matrix.

I like the back of the short red dress. The rips look like leftovers from a fight.

Alban Giudicelli said...

The boots WOW ! So simple but so stylish ! It was the first thing I noticed in this surprising collection.

Fai said...

Love your blog Tavi !

spammo76 said...

I think this look is good for women in their late forties to early seventies because it shows sophistication and maturity any younger than that and it looks a bit like lamb dressed as mutton

enric said...


Anonymous said...

Tavi, I love that your cultural references span decades,and that you are able to reference film, music, art, literature and fashion before your time and with many genres.

Julia said...

I absolutely agree with you. Great post!

Madeleine and Maya said...

I agree, Raf Simons has helmed Jil Sander brilliantly ever since he became creative director! I loved this collection. Did you see the really blah review that Sarah Mower gave the collection from whatever. she's a downer.

tobes said...

for once you blogged about something i care about. well with the exception of James Franco and 30 rock!. but as far as i am concered the only jil sander collection that should be put into consideration is thier A/W 09 collection beats ElIe Saab's A/W09 collection.
with the S/S10 collection they were just fafing about!

Diana Quintana said...

Drew said...

I am really sick of seeing all of this plaid, over...and over...and over... and over again. I liked the way it was portrayed here, and now I have a bit more respect for the print in general.

Drew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
EllaSarahGeorgie said...

Unknown said...

Anna Wintour is absolutely an incredibly unusual person who sets the trends
is perfect and always fashionable. I love her style and everything you create.

pamela said...

Funny picture post on you in AYYYY!

So Princess Eugenie is all, “What? WHAAAAT? Tavi told me it was totally in!”

Unknown said...

beautiful collection, and love kathleen hanna, her music specially, i always love le tigre, it`s in my personal top 5 favourite groups, bikini kill is`t great too, and her feminist revolutions with the riottt girls!

Her said...

Such lovely masterpieces, eh? Ah, I have the book in the fourth photograph, Radical Feminism. It's a really good read, I recommend it you you Tavi.

And, I read what a certain member of the Hilton wrote about you on his site. I hope you ignored it and illuminated it out of your mind. He's just bursting with jealousy, Tavi, you can see it. He's probably worried that in a couple of years time you'll be the one-top fashion blogger. & he'll be out of his job. He'll end up being your messenger boy (: You looked stunning at the Marc Jacobs show, btw. Truely picturesque, especially the shoes. Where can I get those..?

Thanks for the inspiration.

Sacha Noelle Peet said...

I really like seeing Anna Wintour & Kathleen Hanna in the same blog post ;)

firefly said...

Plaid! I love how you could piece together something form everywhere into your review. I'm learning from your blog!

Katy said...

I LOVED the boots. I like your review of the collection!

Carlos Alberto Silva said...

More than Mrs.Wintour, I loves Anna Dello Russo's look at D&G fashion show, she's got the best look all the time.

Ashley said...

i love your blog

Mila said...

*GASP* That is amazing.

CGHill said...

Well, I think that photo settles it: in however many years, you're going to be a better-looking version of Anna Wintour.

Amber Bonner said...

Love love love the pant suits! Would have liked to see a little more drama in the makeup to go along with the effects of the music. Other than that, Jil Sander presents a sophisticated power woman.

Isabelle said...

Hey! Did you see the illustration if you in the new H and M catalog?

Noor said...

hey Tavi, your look is Amazing!! Kisses from Spain!

U-NI-TY said...

We love this vintage style!

So, discover the catwalk of the first U-NI-TY Paris woman's collection on friday 5th of March at 2.15 PM (French hour), on your thanks to the application U-NI-TY that you can freely download. You can also see it on our website, blog and facebook.

Have a nice day!

Sylvia Etc... said...

love it! ... especially anna Wintour's check-tweed ensemble that really flatters her in a refreshing way.

Unknown said...

There is a little to much camel-toe action in that grey bodysuit for my liking! Love the rest though.

EllE said...

Darling, I am a biiiig fan o Sander's collections but I became in shock when was reading your post...Are you realy sure that wanna be that serious, formal and standardized? Please, enjoy your youth, freedom and time as much as can...

Duck said...

Raf Simons is actually a genius. Did you see the interesting article based around him on the NY times fashion blog? Excellent stuff. This is exactly how I want to look. And I'm a boy...


Rais Tsolaridou said...

Your blog really rocks!Amazing!Love this collection!I think I am in love again! :)

Dear Tavi,
I wanted to let you know that Vogue Hellas dedicated 2 pages to fashion bloggers, and of course you were in there, you can take a look over here if you are interesteted :)


hanna said...

Hey Tavi! I stumbled across your blog the other day (no, I am not that up-to-date..), when I was reading the Norwegian Cosmopolitan who wrote about you. Great blog, you've got yourself a new (Norwegian) fan :)

CR-AFT said...

Although you've probably already seen this editorial long time ago:

Diana Quintana said...

Ola Rybacka said... here's a short article about you. Want a translation or u don't give a damn? :)

antonia said...

love your blog, many greatings from poland :)

Allan said...

Hey Tavi, I wonder where the real Jil Sander is now... I love what Raf Simmons had done so far, but... Have u seen Jil Sander's collections ever designed by her? Pure minimal. Love what you do, you're what i wanted to be at your age! Cheers for that! With some orange juice, of course... LOL

kerrry said...

what a good connection between Jil Sander and the Le Tigre outfits!! XO

Parisbreakfasts said...

The soundtrack is AMAZING!
The Birds?
Werewolf in London?
Minority Report?
Did they give you clues?
The clothes are very pared-down, truant Brit schoolgirl escapee, very recession-proof for those with big pocketbooks no doubt.
I love the cross formation of the catwalk.

zoomslow said...

The Skeleton Dress by Elsa Schiaparelli & Salvador Dali!!! Crazy <33

Alex Ingram said...

Radical Feminism! that pic is great!

Anonymous said...

I could never pull off these looks, but they sure look amazing on the right person.

I do love a good plaid : ).

Anonymous said...

I could never pull off these looks, but they sure look amazing on the right person.

I do love a good plaid : ).

Anonymous said...

totally getting the anna wintour vibez. also laughing A LOT at the thought of me trying to pull off one of those grey onesie romper things. so not a pretty vision!!

come visit!

Michi said...

like your blog
cool stuff

hey jus visit my blog
i just started bloggin a few days ago

Esther Lee Jewelry said...

Tavi, you are truly inspiring to all of us-I can't wait to see you in 5 years. I'm sure you'll be taking over the world! Thanks for your free spirit/genuine heart/deadpan humor and beyond your years witty reviews! Don't grow up, actually! And don't get a big head-stay pure :):):)

Esther Lee Jewelry said...

PS I am so mad that I can't follow you! What can be done?? (wail) Anyway i bookmarked your blog! Earerly awaiting new posts/devouring old ones. You go girl!!!

Stine said...

Nydelig blogg du har, Tavi. Har fulgt den lenge, men har ikke tort å kommentere før nå. Love it!

Keep it up, girl.

Anonymous said...

I JUST saw a stupid report on German TV about people who dyed their hair grey, and they used you and Kate Moss as an example, and THEN stupid TV said that this was an awesome trend. But I think the real awesomness are those reporters who can't tell the difference between blue and grey hair.
And I don't even see a problem in grey hair.

angela-worldstyle said...


I like your blog.
fantastic style

Naddy Sane said...

FABULOUS! Not as exciting as some of the collections i've seen lately from other designers, but i do like it.

nad xx

Przystań Moda said...

Tavi, your blog is really fantastic.
I also interested in fashion, but I see you're very professional in this line.
Greetings from Poland ;)

molly said...

i saw an article about you in my local paper and i thought WOW i remember when tavi and i were blogging buddies...back in 2008 haha
congratulations on all your success, you deserve it :)

Ami said...

Dear Tavi,
I know this is probably a repeat of every single comment you have ever gotten but I just have to say it. You have such a beautiful blog. It's quite fantastic. I do liek the looks you have there but don't you think it's just a bit too grown up looking? The looks are so beautiful but they just look so stiff. That's just my opinion but I love the look anyway.

By the way, again, Nice blog and so inspiring. Your blog has always inspired me with my own crafts and outfits. Keep it going.

A.d.T <3

La Dolce Moda said...

Love all of this!
THIS IS JUST AMAZING okay? the clothes are fantastic, and I love the fact that Anna Wintour is a source of inspiration

bye xx

Kirsty said...

hi tavi
i thought you might like to read this article because you're a fellow miuccia fan and might be as shocked as i was to read the statement she apparently made. also it's a good read for anyone interested in the relationship between fashion and feminism

Linda said...

It is so great to read a post like this; it makes me feel hopeful and happy, and it makes me excited to think of other young women and girls discovering feminism. Keep on keeping on. YOU ROCK.

Helen Neely

mondoblogo said...

You've started a trend....

Linda said...

It is so great to read a post like this; it makes me feel hopeful and happy, and it makes me excited to think of other young women and girls discovering feminism. Keep on keeping on. YOU ROCK.
Hey, you should check out Books Martina Cole have written about hard girls and I think you'll love it.

Helen Neely

Puck said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tracee said...

how is it possible for someone to be this cool?

Rools said...

One thing: fabulous!
A classic piece everyone must have in the wardrobe.

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desparapluies said...

yay! kathleen hanna!

Margo Fortuny said...

great bikini kill song reference. keep up the ace work.

xo margo (

Lina said...

is that the sound from starwars ?? interesting to listen to anyway..

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