thurston may heart the who, but raf hearts the anna

I don't have anything intelligent to say about Jil Sander other than it was very Riot Grrrl/sleek office girl/Anna Wintour, aka awesome. It is too late in the evening and I am too hyped up about how much I loved it to try to delve into anything that goes beyond that.
The first few all-black looks were too repetitive and the couple pink/black one-shoulder dresses seemed out of place and done before, but other than that, this is how I want to look, all the time:
Jil Sander Fall 10
Jil Sander Fall 10
You must give all of these looks each their own time for your undivided attention.
I like how the traditional plaid is in a couple looks but in others it's just barely there and updated to something softer in texture and color scheme but stronger in silhouette.
The body suit that is in the center of the bottom collage is a whole other kind of "bodycon".
The boots and ponytail are A+.
one, two, three

I love the GLIMPSE of A.Dubulyew we get at the end. Too perfect!