what a waste of army dreamers

Oh, night before break ends. How I despise thee.

Anyway, what with everyone being all "THE END OF A DECADE-LET US LOOK BACK" and stuff I realized I should never be uninspired because there are years of style.com that I have never seen! Duh.

I am a very very lucky recipient of the new Prada book (which I will write about later this week-I spent like 2 hours today taking pictures from books and magazines I suddenly felt like writing about, so patience, child) and probably my favorite part is the ad campaign archive. Looking through the whole book page by page gave me an adrenaline rush but this one really stuck out at me:
prada spring 2000 ad
It's less contrasty/white in real life, sharper and browner. I messed up when editing this photo but whatevs, you get the jist.

So then I took a trip to style.com and looked at the Spring 2000 collection. I must say, it is definitely one of my top three favorite Prada collections ever (I think the others are lace and fairytale? Actually that's too hard. Let's not talk about this.)
One of the things Miuccia Prada does best is take something thought of to be ugly or tacky or the antithesis of luxurious and totally reverse its reputation. She did it with nylon, wool shorts, rubber wellingtons, and much more, and here she did it a billion times over. WHEN HAVE BROWN, MAROON, OR TURTLENECKS (turtlenecks! CLINGY turtlenecks!) EVER LOOKED THIS GOOD? And yes, caps are TOTALLY necessary.

It makes the awkward sloppy disheveled office girl cool in every way. Somehow. And we haven't even gotten to the best part yet.

I can't even really say why they're so good, anything I try to word feels cheesy and lame? Somebody please try to read my mind/heart and put into words why I love them so much. I plan on finding one of these skirts and wearing it oversized, bag lady style, to piss everyone off.

More ads (thank you Laia for emailing me these!)God I love how in the first one she's bending down to fix her shoe or scratch her toe or something. Or coming up from bending down! It's great. It's like the ad for AW01 I think it was, where she's massaging her feet? I don't know, I love those kinds of details.

Aaaaaaand I need sleep.
And I also need to buy the January issue of W because Alex White is a genius.
Aaaaaand that was random and I still need sleep.