Rodarte for Target

AAAAAooooohssssssgaaaaaa *whale noise*
I have been keeping this secret for SO LONG and now I can babble on about it until you're completely sick of me and exit the page! But we're not there quite yet so watch the video first!
I've been working with Rodarte and Target on this project since August and am so glad I could. Basically I interviewed editors and cool people from the editors preview, lookbook and ad campaign shoots and The Sisters about the collection and such. It was interesting to observe-I quite like the other side of the camera! Plus it was nice approaching Certain People I Really Admire and having something to say other than "I! um! ..I am such a big fan!" and at the same time difficult to refrain from saying "PS I LOVE YOU" after talking to said CPIRA. A challenge! Quite the experience! No but really, Kate and Laura are obviously great and hanging around with Autumn was great and talking to the stylists and hair and makeup and assistants and models and everyone was great. People are interesting! I like people! Actually not always. But everyone here, in this case.
There is an interview with Kate and Laura and myself at, where this video premiered yesterday. We talk about the process of the collaboration and sometimes how my mom sang Norwegian lullabies about trolls while we were driving to a haunted church in East Jesus, Nowhere in North Dakota. Sonotembarrassing, thanksmom. Oh and I am apparently a bank robber! Excellent.
I'm bummed there will be no more trips but really pleased with the end product and psyched about the collection. Hope you enjoy!