Today our grade went to the high school we'll be starting at next year. I'm really excited for it actually; there are a lot of electives and one teacher lets you have hot chocolate. Part of the building is really depressing-looking but it made me feel like I was in a Wes Anderson movie, only it smelled worse (like puberty.) I also tried to get to know the lockers a bit so that if I get shoved into them next year and the years after I'll be able to have a pleasant conversation with them while my bruise heals.
Untitled 2
C WUT I DID THERE? How it looks like a SMILEY face in the middle? With nostrils in the style of Francine Alice Frensky? (I am actually very proud of this.)
The outer top is my mom's and the printed polo underneath is my dad's (vintage Pierre Cardin via GOODWILL, whutttt.) And a random orange scarf and random tights and Jeffrey Campbell shoes from
A fairly simple outfit that I shall expand upon when I don't wake up with 20 minutes to get ready, but I GUESS I SHOULD GET USED TO IT WHAT WITH THIS ROCKNROLL LIFESTYLE I'M LEADING. This weekend I'm going to LA with my dad for the Museum of Contemporary Art anniversary thingymajig which should be very exciting. After NYFW, I've trained myself to not act like a weirdo/jerk when there is a foot between a personal hero and myself. EXAMPLE:
Certain Idol Who Shall Remain Nameless: Hi, I'm [nice, homely, not including their famous last name; very I'm-so-glad-we're-friends nickname I imagine their sleepaway camp buddies called them many years ago]. What's your name?
Me:I've also tried to become better at dancing for these types of parties. I think I've almost nailed this:And this:Plus, I will be able to take these moves to the graduation dance at the end of this year.