Soooo Friday night was a party for the new Prada book, held at the store in LA. Allow me to call to your attention a few EPIC anecdotes of epic.
Honeycomb walls:
A page of the book. Christy Turlington in Prada. SO perfect 90's minimalism. christy turlington 90's prada
And these stairs that sprout out of the sidewalk:
Are these paparazzi holding up cameras or are they people in really cool headpieces?
Unfortunately cameras, one of which got this picture of Dasha's beautiful outfit and my "oh hi I found out I was going to this 3 minutes ago" one. Really glad I decided to pack these Miu Miu shoes that Sheba handed down to me at last minute. Actually I was feelin' kinda Weetzie Bat while putting this together, knowwhatimasayin? This dress that totally reminds me of Joni Mitchell's drawings in the Ladies of the Canyon liner notes, the surfnskate Proenza print, the hairbow I got on Olvera Street.. and reading that book totally made me want to move to LA and raise a witch baby and always wear feathered headpieces.
And on a somewhat unrelated note, with words like "feelin'," you take off the g to make it sound more breezy and cool and effortless, right? But then you have to add an apostrophe to make it grammatically correct, but all of a sudden it becomes lame and trying-too-hard and something that might be heard said by an elderly Bar Mitzvah attendee that dances with his fingers pointed up to the ceiling and arms moving up and down, or by an aunt that also uses words such as "funky" and "hip," and who wears earrings not unlike those of Ms. Frizzle.
These are the thoughts that trouble me.
Oh right, outfit. Vintage dress underneath, gift. Proenza Schouler top. Thrifted purse via Salvation Army. Tsumori Chisato socks. Miu Miu shoes. Hairbow from Olvera Street market in LA. Watch from this one year at summer camp where I found it under a chair and no one claimed it so I took it.

And Shala looked fantastic as per usual.shala
On the ground outside the store were these holes filled with books and mannequins wearing the (amazing) Fall line.
I wouldn't have minded falling in and spending the entire night and next day looking at all the books, but turns out they were simply BOXES.
I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE.shhh they're boxesPrada
People people blah blah, see if you can spot a peak of somebody's tighty whiteys (classy!)...people
It was fun. But the very best part of the night was without a doubt meeting Miss Miuccia Prada herself. She was wearing a turban, and a dress from Spring 2010 that had that creepy snowy-looking beach print I really loved, and though we exchanged very few words, her presence was quickly and quietly overwhelming. She's one of those people of which you are in complete awe upon seeing, because you go through in your mind everything that they've created, and sort of think "All of this came from this one person's ideas..." and it's hard to fathom that anyone can be that amazing.