lots of updates

Today was the Creatures of the Wind presentation in NY!! I'm so bummed I couldn't go but Sheba (who is the queen of amazing haircuts *fluffs hair, hair bounces*) Twittered pictures from fittings and the presentation and I'm going totally nuts!!
Which one of these does not belong?
SO SO GOOD. I wish I could be there! I am very into the button downs with the old-fashioned, little boy collar, buttoned to the top and fitted to the wrists, mixed with lots of chain metal and pink and fluffiness and heaven. The textures especially...and the headpieces..oh the headpieces!
These pictures and the Picture That Does Not Belong from above were taken this summer when Sheba, Billie, Fred and I (I love being vague and annoying and acting like you're supposed to know who those people are!) hung out and visited Chris and Shane's studio. The pieces are unbelievable in real life and Chris and Shane are awesome. And, for kicks, Billie's Comme wallet...
U HOE. Hyuk hyuk hyuk.
That same day we went to Penelope's where I got Happy Socks and my new favorite coat with a gift card...lifetime collective coat from penelope's. aa dress sample (thanks aa!) childhood closet skirt. jennifer loiselle headband. slow and steady wins the race sunglasses. vintage boots, gift from rumi.

Sidenote: I have been wearing this headband nonstop and must finally try to articulate my love for it! I love a good chunky obnoxious headpiece and when Jennifer Loiselle offered me a piece from her Etsy shop I got all giddy and hugged my dog (who, in result, growled and scratched me.) Kind of obsessed? I chose blue tartan because I own lots of blue tartan and when I wear it all together I give people seizures when they stare at me long enough to say "wtf is that?"

We also went to a yard sale where I got this vintage Malandrino top. Carpet print (whaddup CdG aw09?) and Harold pants, yes! Turtlenecks are kind of REALLY uncomfortable but clothes over comfort, doiiiii. Impracticality FTW.vintage malandrino sweater, yard sale. mom's old pants. vintage boots from rumi. vintage givenchy sunglasses, gift.
I wish I'd gotten a picture of how the pants fell over mah boots, it was sort of lovely.
Also...is this amazing or is this amazing?I have thrifted lots of plaid, light pink, tulle, and olive colored shiz so as to do a complete CdG AW09 outfit tribute.

In other news, I bought a harmonica necklace at Fred Flare during the Weardrobe Conference (recap...soon!!) and am now that asshole that walks around playing it in between sentences and words.
Grocery store cashier: Will that be all, sir? (everybody thinks I am a boy, even when I wear a dress)
Me: Why, *plays short tune* I believe it is! *plays short note*
Cashier: That'll be (random price) sir.
Me: *plays low flat note* But aren't the fruit roll ups on sale?
Cashier: Oh, you're right. My bad.
Me: That's me, Bargain Hunter! *long triumphant note*