dying dying DEAD

Special secret musical guest at the Alexander Wang & Katie Grand party tonight?NO BIG DEAL. I can't even talk about it you guys.She gurgled water and then spat on us and she crowd surfed. We were a bit close too. Three people stood between me and Courtney Love. SO CLOSE YET SO FAR.[insert more fangirling here, fangirl, fangirl, blah, fangirl]I have her replying to a heckler who says she twitters too much (we love it though, don't we? DON'T WE?) and her crowd surfing to upload to Vimeo when I'm on a not-slow computer.

Now that I've caught my breath..
Laia heard the musical guest would blow her mind but her friend didn't tell her who it was. We almost didn't go because we were tired but so, so glad we did. Laia was the only cool looking one in our group consisting of her and my dad and I, seeing as my dad-being my dad and all-is not cool, and I was wearing an old lady pirate hat and looking starstruck the whole time upon seeing all the awesome people under one gas station roof. I found Alex (I was silly and starstruck meeting him earlier today too) and we both just kind of stood there and yelled about how amazing Miss Love was. He jumped into her arms onstage, which made me die. I'm considering taking Alexander Wang and Courtney Love to court for murder but that might mean more Twitter overcapacities from C.Luv's incessant Twitter rambling about lawsuits (we love that too though, RIGHT?) It was quite the scene. Also very rad running into Glamourai Kelly who I met at last weekend's Weardrobe Conference at the party too.

Katie Grand=nicest/fiercest lady eva.
This "I DECIDED TO ~PLAY IT COOL~ FOR THIS PIC U GUIS CAN YOU TELL I'M EXCITED NO YOU CAN'T BECAUSE I'M TOTES PLAYING IT COOL" smile of mine is in many pictures in which I am with awesome people.

Lots to update! Lots to say! How you be?