dying dying DEAD

Special secret musical guest at the Alexander Wang & Katie Grand party tonight?NO BIG DEAL. I can't even talk about it you guys.She gurgled water and then spat on us and she crowd surfed. We were a bit close too. Three people stood between me and Courtney Love. SO CLOSE YET SO FAR.[insert more fangirling here, fangirl, fangirl, blah, fangirl]I have her replying to a heckler who says she twitters too much (we love it though, don't we? DON'T WE?) and her crowd surfing to upload to Vimeo when I'm on a not-slow computer.

Now that I've caught my breath..
Laia heard the musical guest would blow her mind but her friend didn't tell her who it was. We almost didn't go because we were tired but so, so glad we did. Laia was the only cool looking one in our group consisting of her and my dad and I, seeing as my dad-being my dad and all-is not cool, and I was wearing an old lady pirate hat and looking starstruck the whole time upon seeing all the awesome people under one gas station roof. I found Alex (I was silly and starstruck meeting him earlier today too) and we both just kind of stood there and yelled about how amazing Miss Love was. He jumped into her arms onstage, which made me die. I'm considering taking Alexander Wang and Courtney Love to court for murder but that might mean more Twitter overcapacities from C.Luv's incessant Twitter rambling about lawsuits (we love that too though, RIGHT?) It was quite the scene. Also very rad running into Glamourai Kelly who I met at last weekend's Weardrobe Conference at the party too.

Katie Grand=nicest/fiercest lady eva.
This "I DECIDED TO ~PLAY IT COOL~ FOR THIS PIC U GUIS CAN YOU TELL I'M EXCITED NO YOU CAN'T BECAUSE I'M TOTES PLAYING IT COOL" smile of mine is in many pictures in which I am with awesome people.

Lots to update! Lots to say! How you be?



Soren Lorensen said...

woah like courtney love?

courtney love?



TobyOliverDean said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!

The Zsa Zsa Zsu said...

wow wowow wowooooooo its LOVE! literally and literally! hahah. so jealous!

Flora said...

I love what you're wearing ;) :P

Flora said...

I love what you're wearing ;) :P

sofiasophie said...

courtney spat???

I loooove your dress. Long dress? I wonder with which shoes.....

Anonymous said...


(p.s you look amazebeans x infinite)

laia. said...

the most epic of ALL THE EPIC

Katy said...

WHOA. Awesomeness!

Sonia said...

No Wayyy...
Courtney Love as in COURTNEY LOVE?!
And I Love Alexander Wang
Too Jealous For Words.

no said...

oh my gosh, you met sasha and now katie grand?! i am so jealous, really. SAY HAI FOR ME ;D

xx eleanor

Eva Marina Burckhardt said...

O my Gooodddneess thats like sooo surreal!!
great for you!

Isabel said...


Faux Naif said...

LUCKY. LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY. so so cool. and awesome hat.

Sheela Goh said...

I am so green with envy Shrek couldn't hold a candle against me right now. Courts and I talk to each all the time but I've never met her in person, you have!!! Aarrrggghhh lucky you :)

xo Sheela xo

p/s your pirate hat is smashing!

Anonymous said...

Dude! You could have totally screamed "Tavi your bff the 'fucking smart assed 13 year old' is here!"

Tavi said...


her divaness-Now now, I didn't meet her, just see her! I would love to speak to her in person or not!

spencer-We tried to get to the front front because I was wearing an obnoxious hat she might have noticed and we looked for her afterwords but to no avail. stalker fail.

AFitz said...

isabel you take that back right now
(i still love you courtney)

Sheela Goh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sheela Goh said...

LOL she's an amazing woman, Tavi, so incredibly genuine and real. I've been immensely blessed to have her support my work :)

Plus she adores you! I think she was trying to find you on Twitter, I know I added you (psst, I'm that one, Sheela from Eclettica, just in case you thought it was some oddball :D)!!

xo Sheela xo

desertöse said...

tavi, just tell me how your dad is feeling on accompanying you to all these places? I think an interview would be great.

thriftalina said...

YES!!! you got to see COURTNEY!!!>????? AMAZZZZZING!!!!!
Tavi you are awesome as always, and that you love Courtney makes you even more awesome!


WJ said...

I don't understand...what's so great about Courtney Love again? Maybe it's just an Australian thing, but hasn't her time come and passed? Or has she accomplished something recently worthwhile that I am completely oblivious to? Talking to 80s punk band members who know her quite well like Bruce Loose from Flipper...I get the impression that she's not well liked in that crowd either! Anyway Tavi your hat is out of this world!

Samantha Lui said...


I've been reading your blog for a while now and you have somewhat been one of my muses to start up a blog!!

"To what do you owe to your great success?"

You have such unique style and you have inspired me to dress differently as well!! Well attempt...

anyways... my blog isn't so much of a fashion blog, but you can check it out


ebys said...

oh my! courtney + alex wang all in one night?? lucky you :)

P.S. - <3 your blog. really cute

TheShoeGirl said...

Look at YOU Tavi... Killing it @ Fashion Week! I'm so happy for you- what a great experience!!!!!!

ryan said...

yay! i love this post and i am new fan of yours!!

Hearts in Heels said...

I loveeee the hat!

J Boo said...

loooove your blog

Emilie said...

wow! So jealous!

Anonymous said...

I love its blog!!
I follow you of Brazil.

Burn That Dress said...

wow..lemme just say Courtney Love!!!!....lucky lucky lucky

yalandunya said...

good luck

fabricatedends said...

Wow! Such wonderful talent!

Lynd Vesper said...

you look like retarded, like those kids who dress up like a pirate in halloween. I bet u dont have any friend just your clothes. Im not saying looking good is not important but spending so much money in clothes pfffff is retarded. Spent your time and money in fun, trips, good food, quality time with your friends and family, those things will never be "out". You are just 13 and u should live as the kid u are, and not be hated/loved by other bunch of sick and retarded ppl.

Laura Waldusky said...

First off, the beyond ignorant comment left by Lynd Vesper, is just that...ignorant. Not to mention cruel and insensitive (and littered with grammatical errors). I have found that in life those who tend to crack on others often do so out of insecurity or jealousy. Let's face it, you are a 13 year old kid who has literally captured the attention of the world not because of something bad, but because of something good. I just read through some of your blog and I have to say this is some of the smartest writing I have ever read by anyone. Just keep on being true to yourself. Looking forward to the next entry.

Unknown said...

Hasn't Courtney Love already been to court for murder?

C.M. Jamieson said...

so so so so so so so so soooooooooooooooo jealous of you. The only thing that would make me more jealous is if you had a time machine back to 97 and saw a show from her (short lived) tour with Manson (promoting CS and MA). GAHHHHHHH I love youuuuu

Unknown said...

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