punky funky

This is the spread I was fangirling over yesterday. Seeeeee?
This is the outfit I wore yesterday, based around the spread. It's still ridiculously hot here but once camp is over (which I am not looking forward to) and I'm not biking every day I am going to go completely MAXIMALIST and ignore anyone that plugs their nose when I put my hands in the air (and wave them like I just do not care, hey.) LAYER '09.Hand-me-down hoodie, pink dress, vest, and slip. Random tulle. Sup $0 outfits?
Today's outfit would not be invited to the LAYER '09 reunion but still, tiny tributez.
Old Navy tank top, shorts bought at theater garage sale, gifted button and bow is a bag that goodies from IKO IKO came in. Sup $.50 outfits?
R drew a portrait of me at dinner. Did you ever hear the story of the little sister that snuck into her older sister's bedroom and accidentally let a bunch of rats loose everywhere? WHAT NO ME NEITHER