April 14, 2009

WOW, I am so amazed at the amount of support Clothing With a Cause has already received since my Sunday night post! Thank you guys so much, I can't say how happy I am to see everyone spreading the word and offering to help. If you'd like to donate (which would be really amazing, like, beyond belief) you can email me- tavitoons@yahoo.com. I'll do the work and put them up and you can just clean out your closet!
Two new items up since Sunday, two of my favorites. A 1980's Charlee Allison dress and incredibly epic brown 30's-40's hat. I have too many good things to say about both so just check out more pictures and details here. Remember, all profits go to STAND. If you haven't checked in recently and are wondering what I'm talking about, go here.Bid here, wonderful human beings and incredibly exceptional individuals and beautiful humanitarians!
Though I'm sure loving Andy Warhol is some type of ism you could find on Hipster Hunter, I would be lying through my teeth if I said he isn't one of my favorite artists. Granted, I don't know much about art, but if I like the overall feeling or emotion or mindset a piece of art puts me in I'll save it to my desktop. I'm not even going to try throwing around a bunch of long adjectives and explaining WHY I like the 25 Cats Named Sam and One Blue Pussy series but if I could try to incorporate the general aesthetic of it into an outfit I definitely would.
I couldn't locate all of them online but these are inspiring on their own. Enlarge and look at the details!
And if they can't inspire an outfit, they can inspire a song! (even if it is just kinda nonsense)
Thanks again dudez.


Matias Bouhet said...

amazing photos! and love the dress :)


Nice and Shiny said...

Warhol cat paintings? I mean, does it really get any better?

That black and white flower print is pretty rad! I'm bidding on you plaid vest (My ebay name is misspiggy89, lol!) I hope I win! I was thinking yesterday about donating some stuff, but I didn't know if would all just be too complicated. If you're taking donations then I'd love to take part! Lemme go through my closet and see what's worthy of someone else's love...


Amandine said...

Andy Warhol is my favorite artist. By far.

KD said...

I don't know that much about art either but Andy Warhol is one cool guy.

indigotangerine said...

i read a biography on him last year. fascinating guy. strange beyond belief but created such glorius pieces.

teenfashionista said...

Finally another 12-year-old who shares not only a love for serious fashion, but warhol and his cats too! [[the only ones i'm not allergic to]]. thank you 'style rookie', on behalf of all people like us.
and if any of you are looking for another 12-year-old fashionista's blog; or just anyone with a 'passion for fashion'[[[cue the bratz dolls]]]:

Anna said...

I've been lurking your blog for waay too long, so i thought i'd finally comment- you are such an inspiration! I'm linking clothing with a cause on my blog today.

love the twitter bio as well. i too spend basically all of math class analyzing dylan lyrics!

Eline said...

I love that cat series BEYOND WORDS! Ugh, I once thought of scanning in all of them because I bought the book (COLOURFUL CATS ALL NAMED SAM I THINK THAT SAYS ENOUGH) but I'm too lazy but now, I think I need to scan them all in and maybe post them @ my art blog. ALSO! You should check out his shoe series too! 'shoes shoes shoes by Andy Warhol'! Indeed, it's such a hipster thing to love dear old Andy but he's just too amazing to ignore.

nadia said...

I linked to cawc on my blog and I'm bidding on the floral suspenders, woo! And andy is amazing, gotta love him.

Nikita said...

I am not too sure when exactly I first came across your blog, but from the beginning I could tell you were a pretty rad 12 year old, and this project makes you like 2386585 times cooler.

Def check out the his Shoes Shoes Shoes series if you dig the kittehs.

p.s. check out my blog?

Melody Nelson said...
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Melody Nelson said...

Hi Tavi, I'm french and I read a little article about you in Glamour (french version). And I was really, like, inquiring to know who you are. So, I checked your blog, and also watched your video (Birthday). And I have to say that, yeah, I'm really impressed and like, you seem so pretty, so amazing you know. I mean, for sure, you're now, one of my favorite fashion blog. Anyway, I'll come back in order to check new articles. - And sorry for my rough english.

- Chloé from France.

Emilie said...

love the cats, especially the green kitten-esque one...keep it up in terms of your project, a lack of funds prevents me from making any bids (floral suspenders=sweetz) but I will definitely post information on my blog in order to further spread the word. Do you mind if I use the CWAC image you created? It's probs better if you have a uniform banner image. Anyways, let me know.

Here's the link to my blog in case you want to read my CWAC post (when I post it)



Nobody said...

Aha! That cat thing is hilarious. I may have previously underestimated Andy Warhol.

Also, your charity clothes thing? Amazing idea, and if I wasn't broke as the universe, I would so bid on some stuff. And if I didn't have the wardrobe of a ten year old homeless kid whose mommy picks out the most appropriate things to wear, I would send my clothes your way. So basically, you have my spiritual support.

Saving the world, one outfit at a time!

P.S. I am in sheer jealousy of your name. Tavi? So not the plain-jane thing you hear everyday. It reminds me of that book, Rikki Tikki Tavi, about the mongoose killing a snake to save his family or something.

Georgie said said...

Its great to hear that you are doing so well, it really is a fantastic cause to help out.

d* said...

you are so adorable!
I wish I could be brave as you when it comes to dressing myself.


Pomeline said...
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Pomeline said...

hey tavi (: i'm taking pictures of the clothes that i want to donate to clothing with a cause and i'll be emailing it to you very soon! :)

Ruta said...

i think it's really amazing that you're working on this cause. it's sucha great way to make a difference, so congrats.

LadyRed said...

I love Warhol too. Check out the Oxidation Paintings. Art at its rebelious best.

Non Faux said...

awwww, kitties. <3

Brianna said...

You are absolutely the most amazing 12 year old ever. I bet you get that quite a lot.

You write like some whimsical old fogey with something to share and whine about hahaha.

Your dressing is on the other hand avant garde with all the clashes in colour and patterns but somehow you can pull it off!

And then now this, you show us your big heart by helping others! What's not to love?!

Soumeya said...

Hey girl ! I saw you in French magazine (cause I'm french), I just wanna tell you that you've got a good style, I love it ^^. Bye.

Cassiopeia said...

loving those pics... and the old typewriter :-D good work on the STAND support too!



Kat said...

Oh my god, thank you for Hipster Hunter. I'm addicted.

wendy said...

hey. I'm french. From Paris.
I visit your blog daily for some weeks and I find that you are an extraordinary girl! Really, you are impressive.
You are not as all these girls who are as clones. You know, even in France, some newspapers spoke about you as the " leader of your generation ".
PS: I TOTALLY agree with you-

Jeanne said...

Hi Girl !
I'm 13 too and i love your clothes, i would like to know.
I love fashion too and i want to be a fashion journalist !
You can answer me on my blog.
xOxO Jane