Fridayslow & steady wins the race sunnies. thrifted yellow shirt, old navy orange one. thrifted belt. american apparel tights. vintage skirt and bangles.

Mod, whatnot. Still love this pair of sunglasses, TOTAL BABE MAGNET. Or people in general just like asking me if they can try them on. B jealz?

Saturdaypipettes tee. chris & jaime rope dress (under tee). vintage leathuhhh pants. comme des garcons x h&m jacket. necklace made by laia.

Indoors picture, bleh. I should take some more pictures of my walls so you guys can see I am the one keeping the economy just barely afloat with all the sticky tack I buy. Then you can buy me lots of clothes as a thank you.

Todaymom's old wool coat. vintage pink skirt. idk cape. american apparel tights. shirt from yokoo. slow & steady wins the race tights. laia necklace.

Very comfy, actually. I feel like it's just the right outfit to be wearing when eating waffles for dinner on a sunday night, if that makes any sense. Not a good outfit to wear when cleaning your flooded basement, though. This is the same necklace I'm wearing above, Laia made it and it is SO COOL.
Hey hi necklace, let me do you justice with a pretty picture hihi ooooh
Posting will be sporadic this week, or at least very very little writing. Hope everyone had a good weekend!