a marshmallow with eyebrows

School has been blah. More specifically, school people. Luckily, I have a new strategy in dealing with people who think knowing everything about nothing and talking about it all the time makes them Jesus: I imagine myself throwing an atomic apple at them then stomping on them in Rodarte and a crown a la Where The Wild Things Are.I would of course take full advantage of the fact that those Louboutins have spikes. Very, very sharp spikes.

In better news, my mom gave me a pink top that was hers in the eighties. A friend let me steal her cropped denim vest with hearts sewn on that she wore when she was, like, 5? Perfect for more Topshop Unique adaptations.Also, some pirate costumes in Peter Pan greatly remind me of the CDG/H&M line. That's a good thing.OH HAI JERRY.

Why yes, yes I do ask people I'm poorly acquainted with if I can have a picture of them to post on the internet without them knowing.
Speaking of CDG, I'm so excited! If I don't manage to get anything, it's good to know Alexander McQueen is doing a Target line. I like Comme Des Garcons more, but McQ will be Target prices, and CDG isn't even at H&M prices. I don't want to completely dismiss the CDG line for good ole Lee, because the Target line doesn't come out until March and, though I have high hopes for it, there is the teensy weensy possibility that it might kind of....suck. I'm sorry, but we all know it could happen, and I felt the prescense of a seahorse in the room. I know the expression is pink elephant, but I happen to have had the wonderful experience of being in the same room as a pink elephant, and it is very pleasurable and not at all awkward or uncomfortable or unlikely.

Oh how bright Target's future looks! What's next? Vivienne? Gareth? A CHEAPER REI?!?!?!?
No. Rei's above that. Oh god, how demode of me to even consider it.