but the fire is so delightful

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I used the ole measuring-tape-as-belt trick the other day. I'm also slowly figuring out how to wear the American Apparel two-tone tights. Black and white seem to not be a problem, considering I wear them way too much, but I've always struggled with the highlighter/crossing guard ones. I will let these photos I found on Stephanie's blog guide my way.

I want to take this chick out to tea, and we can discuss Where the Wild Things Are crowns and our shared love of wearing doily-like clothing.Anyways, this was my outfit. I don't know what made me decide to creepily showcase a squash and pumpkin while taking these pictures but we'll just say it's a goodbye to fall, since after Thanksgiving=WINTER. Apparently some people have been spreading the rumor that winter doesn't start until the 21st. ALL LIES. LIES, I TELL YOU.secondhand mozart tee. mom's measuring tape. vintage skirt. american apparel tights.

This post is scheduled, as I'm currently out of town for the weekend. So long faretheewell pip pip cheerio I'll be back sooooon! Oh, Oliver.