what the french call "les incompetent"

I look like Mccaulley Caulkin in this picture:

pipettes shirt: gift. belt and shoes: thrifted. dress worn as skirt, necklaces, and jacket: childhood closet. tights: oh don't even pretend that you don't know


Catarina said...

Those tights are amazing!
It's incredible how you manage to pull everything off!!

I love your blog!

Belinda said...

are those tights from american apparel? or did you make them yourself or find them somewhere?

Cait said...

Great Tights!!!

M said...

I love your jacket! amazing. and the tights, of course. but the necklaces too.. you just altogether are a bundle of awesome.

sophie said...

How do you do it? How do you look SO COOL.

Anonymous said...

that shiney top = looove at first sight, but you in that shiney top with those absolutely amazing cruella devil tights = LOOOOOOOOVE :)

Amelia said...

I love how the skirt is draped.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

I see you got your AA tights. The look is FAB FAB FAB.


my empty closet said...

haha i used to love that movie so much. i think i watched it about 20 times when i was a kid...loove those tights...damn you make me feel old! ha!

Zoë said...

this outfit is VERY Arabelle. ahha

HANNAH-ZOË said...

wow you look so cool those tights are amazing and your skirt is so cool!

Tavi said...

Thanks guys! I added the outfit details, I was kind of in a rush when I posted this but they're there now.

shutter bug-Cruella De Ville! I quite like that name for these baybays. I'll call em that from now on.

zoe-naw, dress! Yeah, Belle was definitely on my mind when I was cinching this. It shapeshifted all day though, I kept stealing people's scrunchies to tie it when it would fall.

Isabel said...

Love the two tone tights - and the Macaulay Culkin inspiration. Have you seen 'the Macaulay Culkin Show' on Youtube? So hilarious.

Anonymous said...

TAVI. How are you today. You look great, I am in love with the skirt. Drop me a line when you have the time :)

courtney said...

omgawd the american apparel tights.
i want i want
me me me!

Lauren said...

holy wow. this is so good.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh i love this outfit so much! it's so whimsically romantic, and i love how the tights work with the pale pink and red. just perfect!

Hanna said...

Oh my genius child!You make my heart melt into pink marshmallow goo. You finally got your AA tights? Awesoooome.

Laura M said...

tavi you're the best!
what kind of costume are you planning for halloween?

Joy Barr said...

I don't want to sleep with Fuller; he wets the bed!

White Lightning said...

oh bust, what happened to my comment? i totally left you a "buzz's girlfriend, WOOF"...

plus DUH epic jumble of amazingness.

LITTER said...

love your style! You are amazing. Will you check out and add my blog. www.littermb.com

City Chic Please said...

ahhh, i love the pipettes! they're amazing. i listen to because it's not love all the time.

and very cute outfit also haha

Hannah said...

Mccaulley Caulkin didn't look half as good as you. Those tights are so amazing, and so is the gathered skirt... and well the whole thing.

Selina (Flying Saucer) said...

love the details of the skirt, red and pink are the best combination too! also if you like macaulay culkin, have you heard of the film party monster? i would look at the trailer on youtube as i think you might like it, it's based on a totally true story of club kids in the 90's, and macaulay's character ends up in jail, as he is in real life now! their outfits are insane, check it out!

sam said...

i love your blog so much! i check everyday for new posts! please read mine, i'm also 12 and totally into fashion...

Ana said...

This is amazing.
And I have those tights.

The Stylish Wanderer Email said...

haha. you look so 80s. Fantastic.

kokostiletto said...

are those tights from american apparel??? i have the EXACT same ones and the 1 time i wore them out - everybody kept staring at them on the street like i was weird.. you definitely pull it off better than i do!!

SophieA said...

glad you know how cool the culkin is always. great fucking actor.

Blake said...

hey, cool tights, like something out of the Chanel ad, but you stop them from looking like Anna Wintour trying to get in touch with the fashion youth.. . perfect.


emily said...

holy shit you got the tights. i am SO SO jealous.
i love how editorial you dress!! i would never have the courage to wear that, haha. or maybe i would, but still, you can pull it off better than anyone =P

Wendy said...

This outfit is pretty avant garde, keep rolling out awesome outfits!

geri hirsch said...

tavi!!! somehow i haven't been on your blog in a while, not really sure how that happened. you are so cleve, creative, adorable, genius and from now on i am not going to miss a day!

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