twigmeister! twiginator! the twig man!

If you remember that SNL skit with Rob Schneider I heart you x1000.

So my friend and I realized this boy in our class looks identical to Twiggy.

Me: OH MY GOD. K, he looks like Twiggy!
K: OH MY GOD, he does!
Twigg: What?
Me: Dude, you ARE the Twigmeister.
What are you talking about?
K: You are the reincarnated Twiggy! Only she never died!
Twigg: Huh?
Me: Can I marry you?
Twigg: Go away.
K: Ouch.
Me: You suck. K, maybe he has a sister!
K: Oh my god, do you have a sister?
Twigg: ...yeah...
Me: K, he has a sister! Man, do you realize how gorgeous your sister probably is? You are a lucky, lucky man.
K: *squeal*!!! Does she have a phone? What's your address?
Me: We want to stalk her and dress her up in tent dresses. Did I just say that out loud?
K: Yes, you did.
Me: Crap. Oh well, he never respected us anyways.
Twigg cautiously walks away

Seriously though, he has the freckles, hair, lashes. I want to pick him up and put him in my pocket. Which is very strange to say about a guy my age, seeing as that is normally something I would say about Isabel (aboot) and the majority of guys in my grade are very offset by my dress choices. So when I told him that I wore this outfit in his honor, he told all his friends I was a creeper. And really, who am I to argue?

Anyways, my mom and her 8 year old guitar student came into the room as I was taking these pictures.The top and belt are vintage, socks are AA, and the skirt is another one that my mom's friend gave me. It was her mom's in the sixties! I love it when you feel like your clothes have some type of history.

Also, I was considering wearing this with a solid colored top instead. It would look better, but also seems like the much more obvious and expected choice. What do you think?


Lauren said...

i love the sixties inspo. so good.

Claudia said...

Now I know who you remind me of! Omg. I just couldn't figure it out. Little Jenny in GG! (Not because you are little, because I just turned 13 myself, but you look so much like her!) And lucky you, my moms dresses just DON'T fit me. Hmpf.

Hazel said...

wow...a twiggy boy? awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

oh my god, if i ever met anywho who even remotly resembled twiggy, i would stick'em in a sack and dress them up. i can be a real
60's mod whore when i want to. i was just about to nuzzle my computer screen when i saw your little collage.

Amelia said...

I love the skirt with the socks. Wow, I feel kind of sorry for the Twiggy guy. It must be kind of tough to look like that all the time.

my empty closet said...

i really like how you paired the top and skirt. the socks are great too...that extra pop! if you ever have a more formal kind of situation the simple solid color top would probably do the trick, but you match mismatched things quite well!(if that makes any sense...hah)

Anonymous said...

okk no time so in briiiief:
i like your blog (like realllly reallly love it.) and added it to my blog roll ;]

simplysteph said...

lol at your convo with twiggy incarnate. and at the photo setting that takes a million pictures, one time me and my friend were posing to take a picture for like a million years but the camera just wouldn't have it. we realized it was taping us holding the pose for like hours.

Rebecca Jane said...

I love the outfit and the inspiration behind it - aka twigmeister - creeper or not you look fab. ;)

Susanna-Cole King said...

Aw, poor you, first it was the soccer dad and his son, now your mom and her 8 year student, you'd think people could afford to stay away long enough for you to take some photos!

And I think that skirt could work with the patterned/printed top or with a solid top... I think it just depends on how much of a statement you want to make. Like when I'm going out and not looking for attention, sometimes I'll tone things down, other times I take my outfits to the limit of total fashion insanity, but that's fun sometimes too! :D


Catalog Anna said...

haha iv'e had moments like your twiggy one. once i realized a guy who used to go to my school must have been the reincarnation of brian jones and i could sadly not find his facebook to stalk him... ahah.

the skirt is great, i have a dress similar to that.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

this post me made laugh inside.

youre too funny. But you want to put Isabel in your pocket?

Tavi said...

my empty closet-Yeah, I actually had to look nice last night for a fancy play I was seeing downtown and wore the skirt with a solid colored top and cardigan. It worked out well!

stylish wanderer-um DUR she's amazing. And has a wonderful canadian accent.

hahah abigail <3

Kristin said...

i <3 it! i think the contrast is amazing. what kind of shoes are you wearing with them? maybe some mary janes...

Tavi said...

To school I wore converse, considering my shoedrobe is:
flip flops
gym shoes
blue boots

But when I went out last night and wore it with a solid colored top, I wore my old character shoes. They have a short heel, and looked pretty ok with the rest of the outfit.

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

very cute outfit.
although it would look better with a solid top, as you said, it would be expected.

you are always so funny though! you are my favorite blogger!

p.s. I want to see the twiggy dude. :)

come visit my blog, tavi, I have been asking you for ages!

Tavi said...

Aw man if it didn't like violate his rights or whatever I would totez snap a picture of him and upload it.

Allie said...

I guess we'll never see this infamous Twigmeister.

Anonymous said...

you are too cute! i really hate it that my mom never kept her old clothes from when she was a teen!

holly said...

keep the print!

a boy twiggy :O
pictures asap!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Loving the outfit. Also wondering if you can get photographic proof of the re-incarnated Twigmeister...

Anonymous said...

Phantastic love!

Hannah said...

A boy that looks like Twiggy? Haha, I can just see it!

White Lightning said...

the outfit is perfect. perfecttttt. solid top MEH, pattern it UP. you're seriously killing me tavi, i LOVE IT.

what size shoe are you? we need to get you some 60s maryjanes and whatnot. i can keep an eye out.

Jessi Huey said...

OMIGOD, I love tha skirt, not that I don't love the whole outfit, but the skirt is my fav..kudos for always having awesome style