I wasn't electrocuted xD

So Aggy and Lindsay aren't dating. Thank you god, and thank you CLAIRE for proposing foolish notions. It's okay, you're still the best bird ever to grace the stage of our school.

Last night we went to our cottage for the 4th and watched fireworks on the beach and had so much fun. And then this random guy who was wearing a feathered hat and Gucci glasses sat down next to us and started beat boxing and throat singing and I've decided I want to be him when I grow up. Seriously, he taught me how to play the Didgery doo! It reeked of beer and smoke but now I can play something other than the kazoo. And that's an accomplishment.

Claire and I, the Dynamic Duo. Her shoes have comic strip designs on them, which I found quite appropriate. Claire wears: Top and belt, thrifted. Leggings, Target. Jacket, family costume box. Sunglasses, used to be dad's. Shoes, sister's.
I wear: Dress, childhood closet. Skirt and sleeves, family costume box. Belt, thrifted. Sunglasses, Rue21. Shoes, sister's.


Wendy said...

You guys are super awesome! And your ensemble is so crazy cool.

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely amazing. The silver swimming water wings really suit you!

Ana said...

Wow. Love this. You guys are pretty genius.

Mary said...

giving the MET a run for their money, huh?
(because of the whole SuperHero thing i mean.)

cool photoshoot girls!
i enjoy looking at these,they are super creative.

Fashion Is Poison said...

very awesome! i love your pose! oh and claire's sunglasses rock

FashionSqueah! said...

I love your photo shoots! And those silver sleeves are ace, I'd seriously wear those out, then much mocking and "hilarious" comment making would ensue...I hate small town people!

Ella said...

I love your outfit. Topshop brought out a whole "superheros" thing a couple of weeks ago. Are you psychic, or were you inspired? And your dad's glasses are fabulously funky.

Jal said...

you'd make fantastic superheroes

Anonymous said...

Wow, your friend's sunnies are awesome.

kirsty lee said...

you make me wish i had a friend to do photoshoots with

yiqin; said...

I love your friend's outfit! The different shade of blue is amazing. So is your outfit! I loveall the pictures & the poses ;)

Unknown said...


emily said...

those sunglasses are just beyond amazingggg...

Anonymous said...

such adorable layering. I love the texture of the dress. Velvet?

head in the clouds. said...

fantastically rad
all of it.
i especially love the dress outfit. its great.

Elisa Kwon said...

STOP BEING COOLER THAN I AM! but, at the same time, please let me be as cool as you are!

(check out my new post)


Squishybubble said...

Ah-mazing. you guys are sooooo awesome!!!
silver waterwings will totally be my new best friend!!!
oh, and i love both of your shoes!

Kelle said...

hey cutie,
want to link?



Gabsterr said...

you have super powerss! :D

Alexa Martin said...

very cute :)
can we switch links? houseofalexapurcell.blogspot.com


Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

You two are seriously awesome. More people at the Costume Institute Gala should have been dressed like this!

Victoria said...

Nice. So very nice. !

Cicely said...

Holy frick this is awesome!

Oyinda said...

You look fab- Your my hero!

Samantha said...

The sleeve things. Are. Amazing. Omg I didn't even think they could be worn without looking ridiculous. They totally go with what you're wearing. You guys are too awesome.

Kristin said...

this is such the cutest outfit ever.

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