Doesn't this just scream "80's trash"???

So today my mom and I biked into what is known as "The Art District" in our town. We stopped at this records store, Val's Halla, practically a landmark. I was browsing through the records and came across The Jets. I've never heard their music before, but their outfits were so, well, rad (you heard me.).
I ended up getting a Bob Dylan CD, a Blondie record (Debbie Harry adaptation outfit coming soon. I got a captain sailor hat at the theater thrift sale, just perfect) and a The Who record. But look at this album cover, and you just try to tell me you don't love what they're wearing:

All the bright colors! It reminds me of Saved By The Bell. Check out the guy in the red in the middle, he looks like Screech.
I think it's what drove me towards later buying a bright orange windbreaker at a thrift store. It's just so RAD.