Annah from Fashion, Art and Mess tagged me for a new survey, so yay! Hopefully I don't sound like a butt as I answer these questions, but I have fun with these things so here I go:

5 Things found in my bag:

*Something to read (usually a magazine)
*Gum (I'm addicted)
*Cell phone
*Lots of petty, trivial change

5 Things found in my purse:

*ID for school
*Something to write with and a doodle pad
*A, uh, camel? I really don't keep much in my purse

5 Favourite things in my room:

*My window where I can have funny talks with my 5 year old neighbors
*My PEZ collection
*My autographs from Bernadette Peters and James Lapine (the theater nerd in you will know who they are)
*My records
*My massive sewing supplies

5 Things I always wanted to do:

*Own a joke shop (there's a really cool one by my house and I go there a lot)
*Go to east Africa
*Perform on Broadway, baby
*Write a movie (the reason I'm reading all those screenplays)
*I'm a terrible chef, so cook something very impressive like a souffle and have it actually not taste like deer poop (but if it does, a guy at my school once ate deer poop voluntarily so maybe he could take it off my hands)

5 Things I am currently into:

*Blogging and fashion. I never ever recall liking fashion or anything related that much when I was little, but right now it seems to always be on my mind.
*I mean this in the least creepy way possible-but I am weirdly obsessed with Agathe from Style Bytes' pig, Molvin. There's this one picture of her that is so cute I set it as my desktop background. I hope I don't sound like a creeper. God, I sound like a creeper, but I like pigs! And now whenever I see my desktop I yell out "PIG!" without thinking. Is something wrong with me?
*Bath salts. I stocked up last summer at a huge Bath & Body Works sale and I think I'm set for life.
*Yael Naim. I just got her CD and her music is amazing. I'm in love.
*California Pizza Kitchen. I went there yesterday with a few friends and it was absolutely delicious. Plus, free birthday sundae!

The person who tagged you is Annah from Fashion, Art and Mess

Your 5 impressions of her:
*I love that she watches America's Next Top Model. Also that she has pet turtles. That is just too cool.
*Her style is simple but not boring, with that "effortlessly stylish" trait that I wish I had. It is just perfectly balanced and incredibly appealing, almost to an addicting point, where I tend to go through pages and pages of her posts.
*She is so creative-I mean, seriously, look at this post!!! Who would have ever thought of using Mr. Toad to model some new jewelry?
*She's an artist. Her mere doodles are great and her photography is absolutely amazing, as well as her fabulous modeling. I really love looking at the cool pictures she takes of plants and windows and that kind of thing. It's just so neat, I'm sorry!!
*She has this really cool nostalgic touch to her outfits that absolutely complete them.

I'm tagging....

*Hand It Over
*Urban Audrey
*The Perks of Being a Wall Flower
*Purple Macaroni


girl and bird said...

haha, great answers =D Molvin is a legend. I'm trying to get midget to be half as cool as him..hah.

awh, thank you for your lovely words too (:

Madie with `eleine` said...

I adore your blog! I've been trying to update myself on older posts whenever there isn't a new one to satisfy my penchant.

Wish I didn't have to rain on your parade but I think it's necessary not to keep up the myth that tea cup or miniature pigs exist.

I've wanted one for awhile, especially after a great friend of mine bought one. Unfortunately, he had to bring it back to the farmer because he was unable to move out of his apartment like he planned and knew there eventually wouldn't be space for his piglet because he had bought a 'regular pot bellied pig'. So we went to a farm fair a month ago hoping we could find a teacup/mini pot belly pig dealer or another farmer who knows of one.

The shocking news we learned at the fair, from several farmers, was that the breed has not been successfully made. By that, I mean that all cross breedings of smaller pigs have not successfully made a healthy miniature pig to this day - that in fact, all teacup/miniature pigs being sold and have been sold are technically lies.


All the farmers (about 7 of them that we met and asked a million of questions to,) said that the reality is all dealers who claim this are basically selling the animals under false pretense and are encouraging starving the animal in order to keep it small. Since my boyfriend goes to University of Guelph and has friends who are in infamous farming/cultivating/animal programs, they confirmed that no teacup/miniature pig strain exists and that it is true that the ones that claim to sell them are just starving them.

This has turned my friend completely off wanting a pig, miniature or not, afraid he will be adopting a pig from a horrible money making institution that might have previously promoted starving baby pigs. Nonetheless, I'm still going to adopt a pot bellied pig and I definitely won't be stingy with feeding portions.

I really hope you don't think this is me tramping on your (previous) interest. I just had to say.. I eat meat, but I love animals more and they all deserve to be treated the way nature intended.

Wisata said...

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