H+M+Marimekko....sounds like something truly spectacular. My mom has always had a great appreciation of Marimekko, especially since she's from Norway and the company is from Finland. She's a little obsessed, and now, so am I. So when I found out they were getting together with H&M for a clothing line, I was quite the happy shopper.


lucia martinez said...


your precociousness is utterly disconcerting and completely charming. I'm looking forward to reading more, and seeing where your inspirations take you...

a lady

Samantha said...

I really like the iconic Marimekko flower design (I don't really know much about the company), so when I passed by H&M this past weekend I had to look in... I was disappointed by the actual garments even though I like the designs well enough, but then again, this was a pretty small H&M. I hope you have better luck than I do!

P. S. Nice header!



nice clothes and prints!
love them all!

so, you are in my links of the day ;)

a kiss and a hug,

Anonymous said...

Great site you've got here!

I've saw this line in the stores yesterday, eh, I'm not feeling it. I expected way too much and got absolutely NOTHING. It was pretty horrible.


noo way the clothes are amazing! when does that clothing line release? will the items be avaliabe in germany too?

btw the funnel cake looks so delicious :) yummi.

SICK. said...

the bathing suits were the cutest.


Laura said...

haha. i'm from finland and i just found your blog last weekend. so as i was reading through some of your older posts i ran into this one and of course i just had to comment on it. i really like your blog and can't believe you're only what 13 or 14 years old!!!
good job (:


Selina said...

Marimekko is awesome! And you seem awesome too. You have such a great style that you should start to design clothes. But ofcourse I don't know if you have the desire to do that.

And I live in Finland.

Yowanda Erlangga said...

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Unknown said...

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