The New Girl In Town

Well I am new here.... Lately I've been really interested in fashion, and I like to make binders and slideshows of "high-fashion" modeling and designs. I'd like to know of neat websites and magazines, so comments are welcome. I plan on posting pictures in the future, but for now, I'm just getting started. Yours truly, Tavi


Anonymous said...

Hi Tavi, I just discovered your website and read it all the way back! I am truly inspired and in awe of your natural style! I am working on my own blog and you have inspired me more to just get in there and do it, I love your photos, even your old ones with the old camera, they are so artistic and TRULY fashionable! I bet the mags are already courting you for pics/styling and modeling!
I too have a lot of the same inspirations as you, you do also remind me of myself when I was your age, only much more articulate! I am now 27 and I cant thank you enough for your refreshing view!
I wanted to say that I think you would also be inspired by the pop artist M.I.A., I have noticed you adapting some of her styles in your later posts. (I forget now the name of her stylist, but I know they work together almost exclusively).
I also love your haircut!!!! I think the Twiggy would have looked great on you as well, I know how hard it is to go short, short, I cried the first time I did!
I understand your break, take your time, right now Im actually pretty sick and reading your blog was the longest I have been online in weeks! I want to thank you again Tavi, I look forward to the fashionably inspiring future you bring to the internet and beyond!
*yes, dear, I am a geek too! ai!

Arielle said...

And a new legend was born!

Anonymous said...

This was posted on my birthday. i think it's a sign for me to start blogging it up Coopa stylee.

That's my name btwfyi.

Cheers for inspiring me to get off my bum and, um, get back on my bum and do a blog.

ps. I think your style mantra is pretty awesome. I read your TV interview and 'do't be afraid of the stares - at least you know you're clothes aren't boring' is pretty darn sweet.

cheers bbz.

H* blatblat

Anonymous said...

love your blog ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Tavi! I too am into fashion... I recently discovered your blog and noticed the way your style has changed. You are getting very knowledgable about fashion, you should change "rookie" to something else :-)

runwayriot said...

wow. amazing blog :]

Michelle Renee said...

You are lovely.

Stylish Goddess said...

You have a fashionable way to go in fashion world.I'm in love with your blog already!! Congrats and thanks, you inspired me!!

fashion child said...

wow. you have inspired me so much to start my own blog. and its funny, coz im 12 too. ohh, the things children get up to these days. lol :]

i must say i am in LOVE with your style. op shops know me by name now, lol.

Unknown said...

Hey :D
I'd just like to say that you have really inspired me.

I have been interested in fashion since I was a little kid but I wasn't really the one to read blogs and such. I've been reading fashion blogs lately and I came across yours.

YOU'RE 13!! Well, that doesn't really matter to me LOL because I'm 12.

Anyways, I think I want to create a little fashion blog of my own. I already own a blog at

I have not read all your posts yet but I do intend to do so!

Keep it up! You're fantastic!

Anonymous said...

you inspired me too take the first leap in fashion and yh ... thx for that .ps im 13 too

Taj said...

Hi, my name is Taj.(not that you asked,or even care,but,)You (and Kanye and Bryanboy)inspired me to do my own blog(GRzzly)I put you in my blogroll,hope you dont mind.

I <3 your style!
Its amazing and you are like the smartest 13 yr old EVER!!!

(I worship you.)

(sorry for rambling on.)

Anonymous said...

loved you on teen vouge please check me out :

dlindaxo said...

hey ! i love your blog and you inspired me to actually start blogging again! thanks and good luck with everything!

Biulee Lamb said...

You are such a good blogger, at a very young age. Share with us some of your skills, like: how to attract more people to read your blog? I have been a long time reader of your blog. And I also was inspired like "dee", I am beginning to write a blog now. Hope you can visit :D
While you talk about fashion, I talk about food :)

Anonymous said...

So this is how the great Tavi Gevinson began. Now that I know who you are I am content

Signe said...

seriously, i just kept going forward (or, well, backwards), older posts older posts etc. i adore you. seriously, you're a star. you remind me of me in your age, just sooooooo much cooler.

Anonymous said...

I just totally love you :)

Sonia said...

And so this is how it all began... :)

EsTher Omaña said...

and now you are a fashion star

La Société de Mode | The Fashion Society said...

Your blog is so inspiring, we love how yo refuse to dress like all the other normal and boring 13 year olds out there. We can't believe your amazing fashion know how. You'll go far!

Maddy, Alec and Rebecca
La Société de Mode| The Fashion society

DRSP said...

Hii..Great Article. I know about you 'tavi' from One of Magazine in Indonesia. I read your article one by one and it was so controversial with other. I like it. You are a 13 year old who make a new color to the world.

Anonymous said...

Heello Tavi!
chek my blog now! P.S it's a dutch blog..but i'm a fashionfreak and you are together met Lady GaGa my fashion icon!! I lovee your blog and style

Hey said...

Hi~ I'm korean and your fan.
I don't speak english well, but I'd like to leave my comment.
I'm so exciting!
Can I call you "vi"?
I'll do it.haha
Plz read my comment and answer a letter.
I'll visit again.
I Luv U ♥!
사랑해(→This is Korean.)

Hey said...
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Hey said...
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Unknown said...

hey tavi! wow, i am 18 years old and realized you are probably the most amazing person i have ever seen. you have an amazing sense of style and are humbled by the success of your blog. i would say easily that no normal 13 girl would be able to be that down to earth. you just seem like an amazing person. i really hope in the future i am lucky enough to be in your presence. i have a feeling people are going to be seeing alot more of you. - sincerely jamie :)
p.s. you have the coolest name. sorry im not a stalker i sware.

La Dolce Moda said...

Tavi, once again: Great work! I really enjoy reading your posts, they're very creative&Original!

I just finished writing a post you might appreciate, about Annie Hall's fashion. If you have any extra time, I'd be honored if you could check it out,

Bye&Sorry for bothering,


Anonymous said...

i absolutely love your blog, you are an inspiration to me your style is amazing and you are so talented, im going to read your blog starting here (of course ;) ) because it is completely woth it.
i am spechlees about your blog and ive only read your newest posts i cant wait to read all of them ;)
GOOD LUCK IN EVERYTHING you deserve the best

pd. well i just read my whole comment again and i mean... it isn´t creepy or anything right? haha

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
. said...

Tavi your like way COOL O.O xx :DDD

claudia beetlestone said...

hey whats up
reading some of your stuff i'm like "whoa that girl is just like me! except she pulls it off"
yea. just thought i'd let you know. and i was gonna read this all the way back but there are like 400+ posts. but your really cool, i love your style and your blog and everything, yea <3

check out my blog:

Anonymous said...

you are..

Misery Kitten said...

Hey Tavi!

You are really very lucky and I am so very jealous. I think it is fantastic how creative and un-shy (sorry, I can't think of the word) you are.

I just realised who you really really remind me of.

Anonymous said...

hey there Tavi!
You inspired me to start my own fashion blog!
I love your quirky and mature style, here is my blog ( I literally JUST started 10 minutes ago )
love poppy

xelliyah said...

hiya :]
wow, i thought those blogs were lame, untill i found yours. now i have 3 :]. i can't believe you get invited to all kind of fashion shows, AND still have time to make blogs. your awesome.
xoxo elliyah

Unknown said...

i found ur blog about 2 months ago and like wow i've gone back through all ur blog posts twice, and check it weekly to see if u've posted anything new......... and i it's kinda funny because i got a lil' style sense of my own..... sorta? haha not as amazing as urs but still i'm working on it! :P oh &&&&&&&&&...... i'm 14....i had long hair (about as long as urs use to be) got a bob (i have to say i hated it.) and now have a short short cut (a.k.a pixie) about coming up to 2 years ago???
sound like a surtain gray-blueish headed girl we all no and love? possible......? anywho thanks for all ur posts, at the moment i feel totally inspired, and totally amazing!!!! you ispired so many people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 we love u Tavi!!!!!!! :D
and i think i speak for all of us when i say: Never stop blogging!!!! :)

p.s i loved ur short(pixie) hair cut and i was wondering what u told the hair lady to do with it??? or did u style it or is ur hair just naturelly amazing like that? lol well if you could just let me no that would be great! :)

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

ME fasinaaa tu bloggg .....tus fotos ,eres unica y realmenre admiro a personas como tu...
My englihs is not good , not i studie this lenguage ....
YOU are amazinggg!!! a lov your blog ,I really like know more about you
I new in make blog so I like YOu visit my blog

Justina said...

Hi Tavi!
I just wanted to let you know that you inspired me to start my own fashion Blog, A Bent Piece of Wire.
You are awesome, and you show that you don't necessarily have to be older, or be high fashion society to get into the industry :)

cleabe said...

Tavi, you are amazing! You have too inspired me to make a fashion blog called my fashion bible, I am your age now, so I feel a little late with starting but I hope I do well (: Thank you so much for giving my the inspiration and showing so many people what you can accomplish at such a young age.

Maxens M. Finch said...

Hey, there were 42 comments because I mess'd it up! Do you realize how upper-über-classy twas?

Maxens M. Finch said...

Rereading the whole blog from the very beginning.

Popotit said...

Wow, it's great!!!!

Assiya said...

Hi, Tavi!
It's real shame on me, but I heard about your blog only in the beginning of January,2011...
I started to read it right from the start, and I'm absolutely in love with it so far!

I admire not only your unique style, sense of style and true passion for fashion, but I also adore the way you write your posts! I believe that you are the one who can achieve anything in the World of Fashion!

P.S.: sorry for my english, I tried to do my best, but it's my third language you know and I still have problems with expressing myself... so when you read this (and I really hope you will read this) you will think "wow this girl was inspired this much!" but believe me, i am inspired double that much! no, triple! or mb even 100000000....0000000 times more ;-)

CultureOnHold said...

Wow, I can't believe I went through all of your '08 and '09 posts in just one night! Your personal style is amazing and your youth just explodes in my face! I'm pretty young too, I'm 13, and I follow your blog almost religiously, haha. And I'm glad that this is the post that started it all.
-Nina, 1/2 of CultureOnHold

Little Miss Vintage said...

wowzerz tavi! you're so creative and amazing and unique! i read back ALL the way through your blog, and your style has changed so much, but it is always forever inspiring!
hope you don't find this too creepy of a comment....

Anonymous said...

Truely Inspired...


Brooke said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Frockspotter said...

Did you ever think this blog would get you to where you are now? You deserve every bit of it <3

Unknown said...

great blog tavi!


CY said...

Hi Tavi.
Hope to meet you soon, girl :)
- Yorsec

Anonymous said...

tavi, i just want to know about you??
so i'll read your blog

MarthaOriginal said...

Hey Tavi,
I'm about your age (a few months younger) and a reader of your blog since I read about you in one of my fave fashion-magazines (we were 13 then). I'm just wondering how a girl as old as me can deal with all that stress coming with such a huge career!? I'm already getting sick with school and all of my appointments, but I guess you've got much to do than I have ... I mean, managing a few websites, being wanted to do interviews and meetings with the fashion-stars, being educated (I don't know if you go to school or if you're educated at home, and I know that it's none of my business. It's just because any education means that the one who's being educated has got many things to do like homework or learning for tests) - all these things you have to do!
Sorry for my english.
Xoxo from Germany,
... sorry, I just started it two days ago, so there's not much to be read.

Алёна said...

Tavi, you`re amazing. Hello from Ukraine =)

Tabea said...

Every day I scroll down your blog I feel better.

Unknown said...

hey tavi..
I love you so. visit my blog maybe? I want to be a part of your magazines, if you agree please email me at

thankyou :}

Dari said...

OMG... your blog is so cute ! maybe you like to visite my blog ? i'd be so glad ! i love you !! <3

giallodinylon said...

toooooooooo sweeeeeeeeet!

kiss full of love for you, my little sweet girl!

Unknown said...

Hey, wow. I saw your blog, and you inspired me to write my own. I was wondering if anyone would like to subscribe to my blog? that would be nice, seeing as im new here. . Ive only posted a few things, but theres more things to come , thanks . muahhh

Pavlova said...

See, this is the problem. Whilst I do (generally) blog about fashion, I always found it impossible to restrict myself to this one thing. Mine (; soon to become is a little different and very similar at the same time. Yes, I talk about fashion and review things I like. But I like to give everything an edge by talking other stuff, too -- namely existentialism and maybe philosophy and maybe psychology. I'm basically a very, very busy University student who's learning the art of living, and sharing it as I learn.

Pavlova said...

See, this is the problem. Whilst I do (generally) blog about fashion, I always found it impossible to restrict myself to this one thing. Mine (; soon to become is a little different and very similar at the same time. Yes, I talk about fashion and review things I like. But I like to give everything an edge by talking other stuff, too -- namely existentialism and maybe philosophy and maybe psychology. I'm basically a very, very busy University student who's learning the art of living, and sharing it as I learn.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Hey Tavi!
l just went all the way back from the very beginning of your blog to the very end. I didn't read through all of it but I'm so amazed at how much your style has changed, and how creative you're always been. Your knowledge of fashion and the way you've written since you were 11 amaze me- you have always so eloquent and articulate and intelligent and I wish I had been more like you at your age. You've really inspired me to try to make my own fashion blog, too. <3 Samantha

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