thurston may heart the who, but raf hearts the anna

I don't have anything intelligent to say about Jil Sander other than it was very Riot Grrrl/sleek office girl/Anna Wintour, aka awesome. It is too late in the evening and I am too hyped up about how much I loved it to try to delve into anything that goes beyond that.
The first few all-black looks were too repetitive and the couple pink/black one-shoulder dresses seemed out of place and done before, but other than that, this is how I want to look, all the time:
Jil Sander Fall 10
Jil Sander Fall 10
You must give all of these looks each their own time for your undivided attention.
I like how the traditional plaid is in a couple looks but in others it's just barely there and updated to something softer in texture and color scheme but stronger in silhouette.
The body suit that is in the center of the bottom collage is a whole other kind of "bodycon".
The boots and ponytail are A+.
one, two, three

I love the GLIMPSE of A.Dubulyew we get at the end. Too perfect!


Rodarte Fall 2010.

"woohoo yeah go sports"-kristin prim's pajamas do I say this, really? BASICALLY I came home one day and there was a package with a card from the creative director of Prada, Fabio, saying that he and Mrs. Prada saw that I really liked (or was being really creepy/in love with) the Spring 2000 collection and liked my blog (THIS LIL OLD THING? Shucks) and WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE? The lip print skirts from that collection? I mean..crazy. When did all this happen again? I am not going to get used to it.
t-shirt from Isabel. american apparel sheer button-down. repetto shoes, gift. rodarte for target tights, and due to FTC regulations I am supposed to let you know that I received compensation and pieces from the rodarte for target collection for my collaboration with target. prada lip skirt. wren black skirt underneath.

Despite my expression I was DYING inside, as I was the WHOLE DAY. I normally wouldn't wear such godly pieces of godliness to school amongst all those MERE MORTALS! With their AXE and their OLD SPICE! But alas, I am a mortal as well; one with greasy fingers and a runny nose, even. Still, I could not resist, and really wanted to break out the grey one this morning.
I don't think there was really any inspiration, I think I wanted to wear the skirt as a kind of babydoll dress and then add semi-gothteenager stuff, like the lace and the sheer button-down, to make it more creepy and less girly, more moody teenager, make it not look like something Charlotte would've worn on Sex and the City. The navy shoes just looked right. And I sort of like the idea of trying to cover a gray t-shirt with a nice button-down and fancy girly lips.
Also, I look like a penguin.

I enjoy how it looks like I'm taking off a wig. Speaking of this hair of mine, it's pretty much grey now! And it's lots of fun, because people can't figure out if I'm 80 or 13. Sometimes I don't know either, as most of the time I just like to bicker about the state of our world and wear hats, in various locations, including school, park benches, and my home.

Had to fasten the skirt to stay up using a baby pin. Putting a hole through the glorious fabric was painful but ended up not really affecting the skirt, THANKFULLY. And it sort of adds to the babydoll dress thing, in a weird way.
And a better picture of the print. Notice how the lips practically GLOW. Do your lips practically GLOW? And those pleeeeeaats. No.words.
The shoes are too big for me but I put them on for the picture. I do and don't want to grow. If I do, I'll fit more into these shoes and other clothes, but I'll also outgrow some of my current favorite pieces. DECISIONS, DECISIONS. Um, not that I have a choice. But! Anyway:
I was also lucky enough to receive the skirt with red lips, which I plan to somehow incorporate into a creepy nurse/Richard Prince outfit.

Oh, life. Oh, people! You are very good to me, and I am lucky. One day I will be saying to my grandchildren, "You know, I once had a blog, which is like those hologram things you kids have now, but it was on a big cubic device. And some people kinda got a kick out of it, and I sometimes got things like skirts from Prada." And they'll be like "LOL OK TIME FOR BED, BUBBE."

the wanger

wang 1wang 2
not necessarily what i consider to be the best or worst looks from the collection, just a sort of..summary?

When September rolled around and Alexander Wang showed That Awesome Football Collection, I was totally ready to hop on board with this kid. This time around...not so much? Ehhh? Wang said it was supposed to be a sort of progression from a very Wall Street, banker-like feel to something more free-spirited and gypsy-inspired. The Wall Street stuff I liked. 3/4ths length pinstripe skirts with a strip of leather hugging the bottom, the camel coat-cape, and those woolen sunglasses-oh, the woolen sunglasses! Wang is practically an old hand at deconstructing "basics" by now. But these pieces mixed with somewhat awkwardly styled velvets and ill-fitting slips made for more of a mish-mash between the banker and gypsy personalities and less of a progression from one to the other. And as for the independent spirit pieces, the elements that were taken from that sort of costumey idea of a gypsy - lace, velvet, colors like mustard and maroon - weren't updated or developed enough to look much different from something you could find in a thrift store (and we all know I love thrift stores, I just don't love stuff you can find in a thrift store costing hundreds or thousands of dollars). The dresses that closed the show were draped in a way that felt more contrived than free-spirited, leaving the models looking more uncomfortable than liberated from the pinstripe and tweed we began with, which, as I understand it, was supposed to be the concept.
Alexander Wang definitely stepped more outside of the regular black black gray black gray thing and I'm so happy to see him putting dresses out on the runway that are not typically it-girl-y. The stuff did look better on models in the photographs backstage, and the accessories are pretty killer, but I'm pretty bummed! Still, not gonna lie, I do love a sweater-boot. It sounds like something the birthers of The Snuggie would make up, only better than that makes it sound. Oh, and the pearl stuff. I need more old lady garb.
It is commendable that he did step more out of what I would guess, based on previous collections, is a kind of comfort zone, which leaves me excited for next season.

the elf pinched me

Good evening, ladies and germs! I completely fail at the instant, fast part of blogging, seeing as I have show reviews up. And London has already started. Wah wah.
But! I just remembered I had these photos, and I wanted to share. Basically, back in like...October? FOREVER ago, it feels like. My pals and I went to the Art Institute's Fashion Archives because our pal Shane worked there or something and it was glorious. (To answer some questions in the comments...I didn't pay or buy a ticket or get invited, I was just with friends and one of them was Shane and we were able to go in because he worked there, I think. Simple pimple dimple.)
Some notes:
-Issues of Mademoiselle, Vogue, and Bazaar from the 1910's on (and a few 1800's ones, as well).
-VHS tapes of interviews with Issey Miyake, Jean Paul Gaultier, and more, and runway shows from the 80's and 90's.
We weren't allowed to try them on but I would be too worried of them disintegrating the moment my mitts touched the right sleeve. Seeing and touching was quite enough. QUITE. enough.

A top by Margiela from when it was good WHAT WHO SAID THAT NOT ME. Silver coffee filter bra top!
Align Center

90s Margiela
A coat by Margiela from when it was good God, who keeps saying that! Ahem, anyway, HATS! Many hats, covering your arms. Especially helpful if you happen to have a lot of parasites, or are the human version of Cerberus. Or even the Cerberus version of Cerberus! In which case, whaddup! How are the kids! Please don't eat me!

don't remember
I don't remember who this is by- Junya, I think? Anyway, it needs to be worn with the yellow/black satin seagull pumps from Miu Miu Spring, as well as the yellow/black optic Givenchy leggings, as well as a human that looks/smells/acts like me, and maybe is me. So, let's make this happen. What, you refuse? Then you can go home.

Margiela 90s
More Margiela. An inside-out vintage dress printed, so.good. If you click on the photo and then go to "All Sizes" on the Flickr page you can kind of see the vintage label.

Next we have what appears to be your average, run-of-the-mill, tiny straw hat.
you think it's a normal hat but WAIT
But then! What's this? An ACCORDION? (Gremlin underneath not included.)
Comme des Garcons
Comme des Garcons, duh.

Prada 1993
If you have reached this far in this post because you have not yet had a hernia, congratulations! Have a Prada AW 1993 gown. Not really. It's mine. Well, not really again. It's the Archives'. But we pretend it's mine, don't we? When we play Make Believe? What, you refuse? Then you can go home. Again.

saddle back
I'm pretty sure this vest is A.F. Vandevorst. Vest, or...HORSE SADDLE? This makes me think of some type of hybrid between the Richard Prince and Allen Jones sections of the new issue of Pop.

comme i think
Comme des Garcons...90's, I would guess? EDIT: I have just been informed by my team of super spy baby assistants, and maybe a very nice commenter, that it's actually Bernhard Willhelm SS02. Oops! Carry on.
So pretty. Like a marshmallow. Except now I just remembered how you roast marshmallows over a fire and then eat them, and then I thought about if someone set this on fire, AND THEN ATE IT, and now my blood pressure is rising, so deep breaths.

90's Undercover t-shirt as a scarf.

More 90's Undercover, so epic. I mean, this is totally something that some creepy old lady who lives at the end of your street would make and then leave for you in a tree knot because she would actually be Anthony Perkins and think she was Norman Bates and then think she was Mrs. Bates and then think she was Boo Radley, y'know?

Alexander McQueen. Even more amazing in real life.

In.SANE. Issey Miyake Converse pants. I would like to wear these with one of the tennis shoe dresses from Herve Leger AW10. Or with a t-shirt and baseball cap and play baseball with the kids in The Sandlot like it was no big thang.

Actually they would look kind of cool with this Junya dress.

Ugh, this is SO PERFECT. Cause you know how sometimes you really love a vintage dress but you wish it was just a little more interesting and less "HI, I AM A VINTAGE DRESS"? Well, this is like that and better. I bet it looks amazing on a person.

Oh, Comme des Garcons. The tricks you pull.
A paper doll dress. I crazy good. Proof that not every idea has been thought of.

This is adorable. Franco Moschino used to make for his very special muses and lady friends these make-your-own-dress kits, complete with instructions.

Shoes from the late 1800's, also so tiny. When did people get such huge feet? And McDonald's size scales? And televisions?

Vivienne Westwood Rockinghorses. I guyyyyyysssss.

One of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen in person but I can't remember who it's by. Like an onion layer/shipwreck/sad wedding dress.

A vintage Chanel jacket, can't remember the era. Can we get a close-up on those buttons?
Lions! Like those little statues outside that one museum I should be able to identify but can't because I would rather spend my time petting this jacket.

More shoes.
More more shoes.

comme, back of a coat
This is the back of this coat.
comme, front of a coat
This is the front.
It's CdG. Are you really surprised?

I can't remember who this is by! Which is sort of a good thing, because if I ever got one I would pop the whole thing.

The ultimate swagger coat. Now, I don't use that word very often-swagger. Sounds like something you kids probably run around screaming to the tunes of that rhythm and blues of yours. BUT, just imagine how you would look walking down the street in this? Oh, Yohji. The things you do.

More more more.

And some pictures I took of the TV when we watched a recording of a Comme des Garcons show. Mid-nineties...maybe Spring '95? I always go between this one and Lumps and Bumps for my number one favorite collection from Comme.