Katie Shillingford on Jak & Jil.

Really really want this once my hair grows out. I mean, just think of what a different kind of person this would make me! Faded-hair Chick ain't scared o nuttin. She doesn't think "but what if a face pops up in one of the windows?" when having to get something from downstairs late at night. She doesn't imagine that, when she turns on the light in her bedroom, a dead animal and ransom note are lying on her pillow. She doesn't imagine that when she goes to sleep after accidentally killing a spider, a multitude of his little friends will crawl all over her face, chanting You kiiiillled Timmyyyy.
She can wear the boringest outfit but still feel slightly alive and accomplished because, I mean, her hair is blue and white!
So..maybe none of the first traits would change but I can pretend. Hair, I command you to grow.