June 12, 2009

resort 2010

...because I can't think of a better title and it's 9:57 AM, therefore too early for brain to properly operate. Give me til at LEAST 3 PM, k?

Christopher Kane
I'd heard such good things about this collection and checked it out and agreed until I read about the inspiration:
"I wanted something natural, but I'm so fed up with florals. And then I came across these images of nuclear test explosions from the fifties to the seventies on the Internet. I like the crazy-bright chemical colors. The way they're sinister—but beautiful."
It's not the inspiration that makes me dislike it more, it's how it was executed. It's SUCH an amazing idea, and prompts so many thoughts about 50s-70s America, but most of the collection is just... dresses with prints. Which is one of the easiest things to do. I mean, seriously.
All nice dresses. Attractive! Sexy! Beautiful colors, and I do adore the shoes. But the inspiration is so fascinating to me. If the clothes were built around the issue of nuclear bombs, especially in 1950-70's America, as opposed to the mere IMAGE of bombs...the clothes would be so much more powerful. I hate bringing everything back to Rei, but Hiroshima, anyone? It's just a shame to me that wasn't used, because now if anyone DID use that idea, it would be considered copying. Poo.
Reminds me of Kate Moss's style for some reason. Nice lazy look.
Didn't make sense with the rest of the collection but I like how it looks like a preschooler could have made it.
I think this is neat, all of these visual puns with the nude color are fun.
Another stupid print dress. Amazing jacket though.
I like how this is mildly futuristic, but it's in the most OBVIOUS way. I mean, he said he wanted to combine nature (nuclear bombs?) with futurism. So he has his nature dress and thinks how can he make it futuristic-like? Adding those space panels, of course! It's so simple. It's the obvious choice. It's kind of a bummer.
I do find it interesting how that creates a heart shape out of the bomb picture, though. Maybe that was the point. Still, grudge.
Still, this collection might be my favorite of resort so far. Ugh, I AM SO CONFUSED. Grudge.

Marc Jacobs
I'm the same with this as I was with his Louis Vuitton AW collection. Some I rather enjoyed, some makes me not wince exactly, just sort of, "eh," and some is just really really really really not my thing.
The collection has lots of I'm A Cool Mom! looks like this. Floral capris and belted "Timeless style! I'm Vogue Magazine!" blazers. I would like to dress up the blazer actually, just unbelted and minus the super resorty pants. The colors in it are lovely, would look cool with my turban, and the material looks interesting.
More blerg.Jewish grandpa living in Boca Raton. The pieces (er, the shirt at least) would look cool layered but this just looks. SO stereotypically resort.Project Runway? Bueller?
I found myself liking these a lot until I realized how Luella SS 09 they are! This one is much better in that sense:Excellent prints and color mixing. I hope that's a skirt though.
Lots of tulle ruffles like there were in the Louis Vuitton collection I was talking about. I rather like this, it's fun!

Zac Posen

Why so tacky, Zacky?! Even if these were "Couture" ...it's just so...pink, red, bows, extravagant. They just look like extra obnoxious prom dresses.
Better! I actually like this one. Looks like her arm is detached from her body, which is really spooky and cool.
Ashley Tisdale.
Not digging the poofy sleeves under the poofy sleeves, especially with the pants. Kind of wtf.
The black bustier part thing looks like a bra which looks trashy. Oy!
Is it..supposed to be...ironic? Not into this at all, it's really awkward and not in a good way because it seems kind of pretentious. I too am pretentious and awkward but I don't spend-waste-money doing so when a good label like Christian Lacroix is going under! Went under? Either way! It's like what a jealous bridesmaid might wear. "I'm wearing a blazer though, and the bottom of my dress is gray, so I'm alright, right?"
Like the mix of prints here, though it would be better with another kooky print. Oh God, could you imagine if I was a designer? "Needs more ugly! Throw on another optical illusion, sure! More wires!" Anyway, the sleeve cut out is weird because it's kind of on an armpit? Behhh.

Elise O/withalinethroughit/verland

When I saw the thumbnail for this one I thought there was some kind of awesome illusion going on with the print then it just became tacky.
The collection itself was rather bland to me. I say was because
it's already escaped my mind. Herm.

I really like this whole collection. I've said it before that sleek and chic doesn't really interest me because it can usually translate to boring but the colors and prints here make it different for some reason.The colors are just so good here! Vibrant without being aggressive (though I think this would look really neat even in all neon) but not too bland, even though the background looks like diarrhea. Excellent.
Don't like the skirt tying-very islandy and I'M ON A BEACH-but perfect print mixing.
The sweater thing is awesome.
Agh, there's such good balance in this one. I normally like really ugly clothes, who knew I'd be so into Prada! The colors, the colorrrrrrrrrrrrssssss.

Miu Miu
I just love the shoes! The rest of the collection was.. nice? Hm. Anyway SHOOOZ.

Jonathan SaundersThis top reminds me of something that my sister, who is now 19, would have worn in 6th grade, paired with a bandanna and Adidas sandals. My sister has nothing to do with it really, just her age and that time and what the kool kidz were into. The top looks totally cool here though. I am not a minimalist by any. means. so it does feel a little boring to me, but it's more consistent with the rest of the collection and general aesthetic of the label.
PS. those shoes are amazing.
Ok, I think that this top thing is a little too Matthew Williamson for H&M (which, to be honest, was...crappy), but HOW AMAZING is it that is totally looks like there's a hole going through this girl's stomach and chest? I think it's so rad!
Oy, the colors here are just so right together.
I feel like a prestigious middle-aged art collector would wear this to a gallery opening and take home a younger man. She has red hair.
Errr, not into this at all. Looks like the art collector in 2002. Or a mom who owns a clothing boutique with lots of velvet colorblock dresses and wears green swirly earrings she bought ~locally. These things make sense in my head, okay?
This I like! It's simple but close to what I'd like to be wearing all summer since layering doesn't really work this time of year. The colors are great, and the fabric of the top is neat. The yellow is just.. agjjj.
Looks like a mermaid! The color combination is so so dreamy and the jacket is incredibly Jonathan Saunders. The hemline of the skirt is a little oddly suggestive in a way that looks like a mistake but other than that I really like this.

Isaac Mizrahi
REALLY into this print, kind of reminds me of clay beads and painted sidewalk benches! The dress has a cute but done and done silhouette. If there was a lot of tricky layering that messed with the print through deconstructed blazers and scarves and pockets, that would be really rad, though that'd be too cdg and Isaac gotta be Isaac. The colors in this are great, too.
Now this reminds me a little bit of Comme! Just because there's polka dotted tulle, though. The rest is meh (though the nude/light blue combination is kinda cool).
Oy, that thing again. Excuse me, I suppose I wasn't loud enough. OY, THAT THING AGAIN *coughmucusexplosioncough*. So you're not going to take it off, eh?
It would be a good idea if it made one see the straw bag differently, but it's just kind of a Marc by Marc-esque trick to add a little more "whim!" it seems to me. I don't see the straw bag differently, it just looks like your drunk coworker put a lampshade over her head for attention, who you will later use to be on Tyra, and say something like "She is really insecure," and then Tyra will go into the issues she had with her mother as a teenager, and you'll be all, score, promotion. Seriously though, what's this trying to say? That a bag is what keeps a woman's brain working? That a bag is more important than a brain? I could see McQueen using that second idea actually, but only in a mocking way like he did this past season. That you think with the contents of your beach tote? Not getting it, seems a little weirdforthesakeofbeingweird. Maybe it's the humor in it? Might be. It IS paired with a very "chic" and business-power-woman-y shirt and pants combination. I should make a Nancy Drew mystery out of this. And I'm mildly embarrassed I wrote such a long bit about a silly hat. Er, bag. DAMNIT.
Ignoring that the shoes are way too similar to those Jil Sanders (hi jane, hi jane's toes), I really think this one is kind of cute, in a granny sort of way. Which is fine! Have you seen my new glasses? I should have been born 70 years ago. It's a really simple idea but I'm still weirdly drawn to it. The belt flower reminds me of the tissue paper flowers we used to make for Sukkot.
This reminds me of a very specific sparkly mini journal type thing I once got in a goodie bag at a friend's birthday party. We went bowling, and ate pizza in the "lounge." And in the "lounge" we got a goodie bag, and in this goodie bag was a Lizzie McGuire keychain, and an orange pen with a clump of fuzz on one end, and a somewhat matching tiny journal, with beads and glitter on it, that had a pink/light green/orange color palette. And 5 years later, Isaac Mizrahi took inspiration from this journal to create a look I'm on the fence about. Looks a little too your friend's beach house's kitchenware that she bought at Target 4 years ago, no? Ugh, I have really weird reference points. Moving on.
Looks like if Jil Sander A/W (I entered a slash! I'm waking up!) was a little more... dead flower-like. Not necessarily a bad thing! Wish it had more structure though, it's a little floppy.
Once again...Project Runway.
Awesome print looks awesome on awesome breezy fabric. Again, seen before silhouette, the problem being that it is seen before and not classic, because then this could probably pass as *~classic with a twist~* or something. Mehfest.
WOW, I just noticed the Sukkot flower though! That's super cool how it blends in.
Probably my favorite look from the collection, I just can't get over how great neon green and a nudish pink look together (the M is kind of lame though). This doesn't mean I think people should walk around naked minus a few 80's accesories but it's a lovely shape and makes me want to dress pretty and something just feels refreshing about it. Really love!!

Ok time to go back to sleep i_i


MM said...

I love all of those looks .
I want them all.

james v. said...

The Christopher Kane situation was pretty true.

Daphne said...

I agreed with pretty much ALL your commentary. it was so on point. You're a smart chickadee. And I completely concur that that last look is by far the best. (minus the M, wtf?)

Artur Andrade said...


Artsy Geek said...

The shear/see-through blouse is eally popular in many designers collections. The dresses are beautiful

Maria Confer said...

Love your criticisms and how you don't pull punches.

The Tea Thieves; said...

Being in an intense one sided love affair with anything invovlving Marc Jacobs, I was a little dissapointed at these clothes. But the Prada was deff. one of my favorites.

kasmslo said...

Not even relevant to this entry but I thought I might as well be annoying and share something that might interest you:
You should ttly Halloween that shit. Just saying.

noirohio vintage said...

I LOVE all of your commentary!!! You're on point, and know what the -f- you're talking about lady!

I kinda like the christopher kane line though... do i deserve a slap?


aandhblog said...

Agree with most of what you have to say, and I TOTALLY get the art collector lady reference. I live in yuppie town and we have tons of that breed.

Scrolling to the top again, I actually do like Christopher Kane's the best, probably because I'm still pretty infatuated with photographic prints even though we've been seeing them for. ever.


desertöse said...

I'm not really into fashion, but into colors. colors, colors, colors! and in this post I saw some very beautiful combinations. tralala. and yes, by reading your critics I even learned something about fashion. well done!

xAZD said...

among other things (like the whole "art collector" moment) I agree that the kane collection could've been much more interesting more such a rich inspiration! While the prints are "explosive" (ha) and all, the silhouettes are mostly lacking.
your posts always make me lol! nice choice of photos. two thumbs up :)

Little Monarch said...

i really love the one that was inspired by the mini journal with the lizzie mcguire chain thing! loved it but probably would never wear it myself.

all of the jonathan saunders collection I LOVE.

and Prada I cant get enough of that. the colours work well together and I amso into tying knots in all my clothes these days!

love you x

Zack said...

Hey Tavi,

I really enjoyed this post.


ps Are you actually friends with Karl Lagerfeld?

LCL said...

Miu Miu always has good shoes
I really dig those sherbet green ones
remind of stylish wrestling/boxer booties

kayang said...

this made me laugh.

Stacy said...

love the prada sweater! and miu miu's shoes are always amazing
your explanations were hilarious!


Ashley said...

Such a great writer..you were a little harsh with CK..totally fine, your opinion, you have some very valid observances.
Jonathan Saunders' collection is awesome. Probably one of my faves for Resort '10.


bobb said...

Wonderful pithy comments here (don't think I've used that word in a long time) Many hilarious lines here too.

"Jewish grandpa living in Boca Raton", the "velvet colorblock dresses" comment etc.:).

50two said...

i actually loved the christopher kane one but probably because it was biased. you made me question myself :(

i didnt really like most of these plus a heap of the zac posen looked very much like a colourful verson of a look in ysl.

Tavi said...

Adam-HIiiiiii! How is one of my favorite fishermans? And no, I know fake Karl irl and real Karl in my head. Unfortch.
ps hi maria hi

Crystal said...

I adore the Christopher Kane's print dresses, though I agree that they do kind of let me down once I hear the inspiration.

Shelley Noble said...

"Oh God, could you imagine if I was a designer?"

Imagine it?!---I'm WAITING for it!

The Little Curly Girl said...

Oh my goodness, I completely agree with the Johnathan Saunders art collector thing - "oh look, I'm arty, I wear dresses with arty prints on them, oh I'm just so arty and hip..." I'm really not a fan of most of those pieces...

Love that Isaac Mizrahi print though, reminds me of My Little Pony for some reason.

Annie said...

I know you, like me, love intelligent, thoughtful fashion. With that in mind you really can't criticize a designer for making a commercial resort collection. Resort was made to be comsumed, not thought about. I though Kane's show was actually better than most of the boring stuff they send out for resort.

Although I am happy to see a blogger critique collections for once. Not every designer is an infallible god/goddess.

SLASH / SLASH said...

Ahhh I love how harsh you are! I'm so so sick of everyone gooing and saying "ah-mazing" to everything a designer does just because they put their name on it.

Tavi said...

Shelley Noble-I wouldn't hold my breath!

Annie-Of course, not every designer can be thoughtful and emotional, and thankfully a good deal of them know they design based off a look, and I'm okay with that. It's like magazines that know they're super commercial and built around artifice but we need those so at the end of the day we can indulge in something we don't have to think about. However, I wasn't criticizing any of these for being commercial, just for design. Bad design doesn't mean commercial. And if a company has the money to even do a resort collection, they shouldn't be lazy and they should put thought into it.

Emilie said...

I agree with the majority, especially the Chris Kane argument, the idea is really innovative but he did not go about it in the most effective way.

I would however say that the idea of minimalism in fashion, although not for everyone, should not be overlooked.

Bayley. said...

Gotta say I'm not paricuarly feeling any of these.. Best for me would have to be Prada and Isaac Mizrahi.

www.notavailablesorry.blogspot.com - check me out, I'm new :)

Sondra said...

"Or a mom who owns a clothing boutique with lots of velvet colorblock dresses and wears green swirly earrings she bought ~locally" - Mh head too, Tavi! That was just what I was thinking when I saw that at first, haha. Nice post. :)

shockonthefaces said...

Dear Tavi of the Internet,
I have an inclination to send you a mix CD. Would this be entirely inappropriate and strange?
From Adelaide of the Internet.

Britte said...

wooo rantings...

lucille said...

Tavi , you are so stylish , I love all these images , outfits ( ...)
I want to ask you something : How do you for having all this inspiration ? ( please answer me this question !!

holly fluxx said...

mega post!!!
you are so right about the theme over the images being interesting with the mushroom clouds...
imagination anyone..?

Fannah said...

I do love the mushroom cloud dresses though I'd not wear them, but the shoes.. yes.
Marc just disappointed me. Some things are okay but what's with the orange pajamas?
Zac Posen has done.. average, the pieces could be pretty alone but it's just too much.
Prada and Miu Miu are pretty :) I love the flowers.
The most amazing one would be Jonathan Saunders! Simple and chic is how the world should be.

Danli said...

you are SO wrong about christopher kane
its not about how easy they were to do, theyre wow when you look at them especially #2

if he executed it differnt,like working more with shape and less with graphic prints, the pieces wouldnt be as powerful and immediate.

Coco said...

Is it just me or does that Isaac Mizrahi model look very fake tan orange?!?

Tavi said...

Danli-I don't see how I can be wrong if it's my opinion. Of course the picture of an explosion has a more immediate power, but that just sounds like an easy way to get a "WOW" effect to me. The effect could be just as, if not more, powerful without a print, and he could still translate "beauty and hostility" through fabrics and shapes. The inspiration of bombs would be less obvious but tracking back a collection's inspiration isn't always necessary to understand the air of a piece. The easiness of it does bother me, and does matter, because it shows laziness. Christopher Kane can do what he wants, my point was that the inspiration has such greater potential and it's a bummer no one can use it now.

Karl Lagerfeld said...

Danli, Kane was simply lazy. He stuck pictures on a dress. You can do the same at home: all you need is some paper, some drawing pens, and some tape. It's like a Martha Stewart project!

Isabel said...

A lot of these looks are either really boring or just really weird in my eyes. I have to say, the Kane bomb dresses are probably my favourite (obvious? Perhaps, but at least I can see myself wearing it.) but the polka dot tulle is pretty classy as well.

Sigh. Let's just call it a day, okay Resort?

LuxiRare said...

haha omg this post is so funny. Christopher kane does fresh gimmicks every season. One season it was neon bandage, the other season it was ruffles, the next season it was scallops and gorillas, the next season it was nude bias binding with plaids, and now its bomb prints. He has a way of creating "cool" looking clothes but still having them be really wearable and desirable. He's sort of like the artsier/funkier version of Decarnin. I think you should check out Susan Cianciolo though, You would really like her.

Fashion For Love said...

yeah commentary was exactly what i was thinking. I feel SO uninspired.

what is going onnnnnnn? sigh.

i wanna see glitz & glam!

Tracey Burger said...

I really like it when you snark about stuff. It's the funnest and best time to read your blog.

Tracey Burger said...


I really can't handle the sherbet tone thing. Or that bomb thing. I don't know what to think anymore.

Devery said...

"I feel like a prestigious middle-aged art collector would wear this to a gallery opening and take home a younger man. She has red hair."

NAILED IT!!!!!!!!!


Nikki S. said...

What a funny post. Insightful too - you definitely hit the nail on the head for all of them! Loved the Ashley Tisdale comment too hahahahaha!

Katherine said...

Thank you for such amazing/interesting reviews... I know you were sleepy but it's from a perspective that is so different from my own and introduces a whole new thought process in my head.

(Obvoiusly, I'm tired too.)

Madeline said...

I'm gonna have to disagree with your thoughts on Christopher Kane's collection. The reason he relied on the images as opposed to the idea of nuclear bombs are, as far as I can tell, the following:

a) the intellectual idea of the atomic bomb has been exploited in practically every art form for like 60 years.

b) he didn't want it to be super serious and thought provoking. He is not a conceptual designer in the same way Rei Kawakubo is, and therefore would shy away from exploring the emotional aspect of the atomic bomb.

c) the images themselves are simply so powerful that they they warrant full exposure, and as far as I know that really hasn't been done yet.

Completely agree about Marcy Marc though.

Wow that got REALLY long-winded. Sorry. When I type, I TYPE.

lovelydisco said...


Arabelle said...

I like you, Madeline. You give reasons! That being said, just because it's been exploited (and by which designers, really? Can you name me 5 other than rei and Kane this season?) doesn't give him a very good excuse to just throw it on a dress. "Everyone doing it" does not warrant mediocrity.

It's a very serious subject matter, and he apparently though ti was too or he wouldn't have been so highandmighty about describing this season, right? Why would he try to joke about bombings? If he's going to put something so devastating (and beautiful) on a dress he should embrace it, not shed away from it.

the StReeT chanteuse said...

Madeline: you made a good point, but the thing is an atomic bomb is plenty serious.

my guess is Christopher Kane knew this, and just was being lazy.

Of course the print is breathtaking, thats a given, but quite frankly the lame silhouette detracts from its beauty.
yes I know its resort and resort will always be boring and very
"aunt ethel on a beach" I mean please remember this is from the same guy who brought scallops to the runway. I know he can be more innovative.

at the end of the day
he. was. just. being. lazy.


C said...

you're too cool for your own good young lady..yes, young lady not little one or anything. ha.
anyway, i agree with most of your critiques, you're really articulated ( and notice i'm not saying-for your age-in general you are and that's why i really like your blog.)


I actually hated them all. Except for the tacky Zac Posen stuff, haha.

xoxo, SarahJayne @ Knockout Vintage Clothing

Taru Tuomi said...

i need that 3rd chris kane dress.... unbelievable beautiful

ilona said...

I thought that pretty much all the collections were truley hideous and not at all special and genericish, as if they were grasping at straws for insipration and just though "hey lets make all this stuff bright/sheer/printy and clashy and in a weird shape and that will do"
the Kane's. I mean, sure all he did was put prints on dresse/jackets/shoes but they are
and you know it.

Gnarlitude Jen said...

Wow, there's some harsh words about Mr. Kane I kind of didn't see coming. I mean, I get how you could be bummed (because it's your opinion, obvs) but I think calling him lazy and untalented is kind of wayyy too harsh. I don't see any reason he can't/shouldn't make a bomb print t-shirt and skirt just because he's made neon dresses in the past (and monkey prints alike).
While resort always tends to bore me, I think him taking inspiration from the bright chem colors and the follow through was perfect. Inspired by a nuclear a-bomb couldn't look any better in my opinion & is one hundred thousand times better than another goddamn flower dress (which is, essentialy, just taking a print of one flower and multiplying it a million times over, basically just as 'easy').
I hope this doesn't come across with the wrong attitude, just wanted to weigh in on the subject.

Madeline said...

I don't think that the idea of the atomic bomb has been much used in recent fashion at all, but the presence of the atomic bomb in conceptual art has been overwhelming since the '60s. Look at Warhol, Rosenquist, etc. So the social commentary thing has been done.
My point is he was not inspired by the bomb itself but by the images of the explosions, which, I reiterate, are so powerful alone. Why would he need to elaborate?

I respect your opinions, but I really doubt he was just being lazy. Christopher Kane is historically not a 'lazy' designer. Look at Fall 09! He thinks, a lot. The silhouette is simple, yes, but does that automatically make it lame? I think he really considered what he wanted to do with these prints and decided that simple presentation was best.

Also, just because he used the bomb inspiration doesn't mean that it's off limits. Fashion EATS ITSELF FOR DINNER, you guys. You'll see the bomb thing again before long, Tavi, and you'll probably like it better next time around.

Again, that got REALLY long. Sorry for hijacking your comments section Tavi. I hope I'm not being super obnoxious!

Betty said...

hahahaha I can't decide what my favorite quote from this post was, "I usually like really ugly clothes..." or "So Jewish grandpa in Boca Raton..."

I really liked reading your insight into these collections though, great commentary and thought.

Lucy in the Sky said...

ooo I like a lot of the looks you featured. Those nuclear explosion dresses are so Christopher Kane and you're right, anyone can make simple print dresses. Though I love that nude look, too. Those Marc pieces are so...Marc. eh. I LOVE the Prada pieces, espeically the last look (LOOK AT THE SHOES and everything else)! Miuccia never disappoints! I like most of the Jonathan Saunders pieces...so colorful.

In disguise said...

oh god, you are seriously the cutest thing ever and i agree with you 100% on all these collections.

Karl Lagerfeld said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karl Lagerfeld said...

Madeline, the social commentary thing has been done many times, but a collection about/inspired by the atomic bomb doesn't necessarily need be social commentary. Especially, if, as you say, he was inspired by the images of the explosions. For instance Yohji Yamamoto was inspired by the Chanel tweed jacket, but he didn't make copies of the jacket and present them as his own designs. Bob Dylan was inspired by the blues (see: Blonde on Blonde), but he didn't just copy the blues word-for-word, note-for-note, sound-for-sound.

Why would he need to elaborate? I think selling dresses with images of bombs exploding on them for such an expensive price can't be justified. Just simply putting an image he didn't create onto a dress does not justify the price. It's clothing, not Warhol. It's to be worn, and frankly, for that price I believe the consumer deserves a bit more.

I also think it's just rather lazy intellectually. Why can't he take the whole image-of-explosions thing further? Nicolas Ghesquiere managed to do this with florals. He didn't simply stick some florals on a dress and say "look! I was inspired by florals this season!"- which is akin to Kane shoving a explosion picture onto a dress. A child can place a picture on a dress. What makes the dress make worth several hundred dollars? We’re selling clothes here, and the seamstress work on simple dresses like that certainly isn’t worth that much. It isn’t good design; it’s just lazy design.

Look: he doesn’t have to elaborate. It’s totally his prerogative. But sticking images of explosions on a dress and charging several hundred dollars for it does not make a good designer.

Jack McCready said...

You consist to amaze me Tavi. Loved this.



schooloffrock said...

"Errr, not into this at all. Looks like the art collector in 2002. Or a mom who owns a clothing boutique with lots of velvet colorblock dresses and wears green swirly earrings she bought ~locally. These things make sense in my head, okay?" - i lol'd. i saw that dress and thought the exact. same. thing. get outta my head girrrrrl.

and i agree with you on the christopher kane front. i think aesthetically, it's a solid collection but that's a dope inspiration and he really had the to chance to knock it out of the park. i mean, he could've at least done color-blocking in a way that hasn't been done 20920398 ways before in recent sartorial history. could've perhaps incorporated some sheerness into the prints? but that could just be me.

check me out girl, you da bomb. schooloffrock.wordpress.com

Nicci said...

this post made my day. thank you : )

khalzle said...

We LOVE your rundown on the fashion shows!

Please check out our new site www.runwayrundown.com to find Runway looks for less.


ana b. said...

This commentary is priceless. They need you on the front rows blogging and being brutally honest like this. I nearly busted my gut with the Isaac Mizrahi straw bag on head thing.

Eddie said...

The Matthew Williamson collection wasn't THAT BAD. I wear the blazer often, it's really comfortable, but the faux cuff buttons always CLANK together and it gets kinda of annoying after a while. I really like the electric blue suit, which I can't find anywhere.

And Lacroix might have a backer for his company! News shot that he might not be going under after all, we can only be so lucky.

grangrangran said...

Your blog makes me do these weird little snerfly laughs. Evil snerfly laughs. And faces. And I'm getting looks. Hi?

The blue tulle dress reminds me of this story of the very pretty girl, who - to prove her cleverness in this and that way - ends up arriving that there place dressed in a fishnet, biting an onion, winning the price. Which is to get married to a danish viking, so, well. Overall a bad deal, same as the dress.

lol said...

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