in our malls, in my fried chicken house

I wrote about the cage skirt Angie from I Heart Norwegian Wood made for me last week because I was just too excited for it to come, now it finally DID and it is even greater than I thought! The ruffles are perfect, since it's black it'll go with anything and the metal buttons and zipper make it a little less girly. I'm not just saying this because I love Angie or as if she put me under some psycho contract to only say nice things, it's seriously damn good quality and something I'd definitely pick up if I saw it in a store. As a frugal granny that's more at home at the Salvation Army than any retail store, I hardly fork over more than $10 for a piece of clothing without feeling guilty, but I would definitely pay full price for this. It will get lots of wear, thanks to its versatility, AND without being worn out, thanks to the good quality. Angie and I did a spacegirl tee-for-skirt exchange so I didn't pay full price, but as the skirt is more expensive than the shirt I did pay an amount more than $10, quite happily.
She surprised me with an epic polka dot skirt she made herself and a copy of Worn as well. Both the skirts look insannnnely good together, especially with the spacegirl tee since the off-white color matches the dots.
Monday night (skirts arrived in the afternoon):tavi spacegirl tee, i heart norwegian wood skirts, drugstore tights, vintage gifted coat, thrifted shoes
Today was very middle school-y. Sometimes I have to stop myself and ask, "Am I in an episode of Lizzie McGuire, or is everything really this pathetic?"
mom's shirt, vintage blazer hangin off ma shoulda, thrifted calvin klein headscarf, drugstore tights, i heart norwegian wood skirt
And this I wore to see Rent last night, it is probably my favorite outfit I've worn so far this year (holy wtf, it's April already?!) The Rodarte tights are very delicate so I only wear them on ~special~ days, like when I meet Queen Elizabeth and Rei all at the same time, but seeing my favorite play with my best friend obvz called for them. Do not even get me started on Rent...Um, it was amazingandidiedandcriedanddiedagain and ok, is it alright to babble on about it as long as it is slightly fashion related? Angel's costume was the best and makes me wish they made tranny clothes for 12 year olds. But that would be morally wrong and socially unacceptable and I am obviously very moral-oriented and my top priority is to solidify the social norm.
vintage black tulle-collared shirt, mom's old wool coat buttoned weirdly, leather skirt from Jen, i heart norwegian wood cage skirt, rodarte tights, slow and steady wins the race shoes.
Oh, my mom owns lots of paper boxes (I don't know why) and adding a clip to one is just the perfect weirdo headpiece I've been looking for.
This coat is vintage and a very very generous gift.. it is slightly glamorous and I would like to wear a very unglamorous outfit underneath to annoy people.
OK, time for Passover Table Setting 101 with my mom. So far it has gone like this:
Mom: When arranging vegetables on a platter, put all the carrots either together or spread around evenly, not in two awkward clumps, one of which looks like an evil bunny.
Me: It's supposed to be Woody Allen. And the carrots are gonna get eaten anyway.
Mom: Yes, but it's nice. It makes people feel relaxed and like they're somewhere special.
Me: But they're coming to our house.
Mom: But we can make them feel like they're somewhere special! Aren't you into that, with your fashion? Feeling like you're somewhere or someone else?
Me: Yeah, but.. they're carrots. And I want to go get some crackers.
Mom: No crackers for you, it's Passover!
Me: Oh. Right. That. Well. If I eat all the carrots now am I excused from arranging them nicely? Like Bruce Bogtrotter?

Ugh, that didn't sweeten the deal. The carrots look decent but still not very nice. I am not a housekeeping figure. I think I'll just force my sister to be my maid when I'm older.