but the fire is so delightful

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I used the ole measuring-tape-as-belt trick the other day. I'm also slowly figuring out how to wear the American Apparel two-tone tights. Black and white seem to not be a problem, considering I wear them way too much, but I've always struggled with the highlighter/crossing guard ones. I will let these photos I found on Stephanie's blog guide my way.

I want to take this chick out to tea, and we can discuss Where the Wild Things Are crowns and our shared love of wearing doily-like clothing.Anyways, this was my outfit. I don't know what made me decide to creepily showcase a squash and pumpkin while taking these pictures but we'll just say it's a goodbye to fall, since after Thanksgiving=WINTER. Apparently some people have been spreading the rumor that winter doesn't start until the 21st. ALL LIES. LIES, I TELL YOU.secondhand mozart tee. mom's measuring tape. vintage skirt. american apparel tights.

This post is scheduled, as I'm currently out of town for the weekend. So long faretheewell pip pip cheerio I'll be back sooooon! Oh, Oliver.

i'm leaving on a jet plane

I hope everyone had a wonderful T-Givingz. Ours was great, full of reminiscing and Judy Grimes impersonations and excellent food. Towards the end the parents and kids* gathered together and had an intense jam seshhhh.

Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Peter Paul & Mary. Obviously a bunch of former Woodstockers whose heydey was the 60's and 70's would know these by heart. It was like awwwwwwsome man dude you are like in my headddd.

This is what I wore, though I don't know what made me gravitate towards the 3 belts. Inspired by a DIY Nice & Shiny epicly created, I tied measuring tape around my waist a few days ago (I guess I'll post that outfit this weekend) and thought I'd do it again. I didn't attach a clasp though, just tie it. Lazy? Cheap? Me? Yeah.

Can you tell what animal I'm being here? WRONG. I'm a schizophrenic teddy bear that THINKS it's a turkey. God, it was so obvious, I have no clue how you could get that wrong. *shunz 4 lief*

I took outfit pictures before we left, but at last minute switched it over to 1 belt so I would have room for food (Because we all know that's the real point of Thanksgiving! Anyone who has been spoonfeeding you crap about loving your family and the history of our country and being thankful is a downright liar!)

gray sweater, urban outfitters (gift). red skirt, target. tights, H&M. belts and headband, thrift/idk/gift.

Well, I am currently listening to the billion Christmas songs my sister's iTunes possesses, and I don't feel guilty about it! Now it just needs to freaking SNOW and we will all be SATISFIED. Look how sunny these pictures are! Wtf, weather man? Do I have to come down to the news station and demand you make it snow AGAIN like I did LAST YEAR? You know, weathermen are supposed to be good at predicting weather; wouldn't you be able to predict that tons of children want it to snow by now? Or are you just a really BAD meteorologist? Yeah, I'd say the second one.

*kids meaning the children of the parents. I think I was the only technical kid, everyone else is high school and older.

what's up, doc?

My floral docs arrived yesterday, and I've been wearing them ever since.
Happy happy Thanksgiving! By the end of the night I'll probably be wearing more mashed potatoes than clothes.

a brief period of demanding veruca salt-ness

This is what I think I'll be hinting to my parents for the holidays. While it would be lovely to have a long, fun, fashion-y list of Alexander McQueen and Nozomi Ishiguro, I am still recovering from a Gareth Pugh overdose I had at style.com last night. Let's stray from the chimerical, shall we? BEING REALISTIC AND RATIONAL IS FUN!

How epic are these prints? The purple tartan from THAT British Vogue Spring editorial, harlequin for carnival fun (I was convinced I didn't need them but Ana's Halloween costume has been haunting my dreams) crazy optical illusions for a black/white outfit, plaid to pair with my studded vest, and lace for eerie-beautiful outfits. I don't know how I would wear the playing cards or marble tie dye but I would love to experiment.

I don't shop at these stores too much since I'm a lazy cheap ass that thinks she'll always be able to thrift something and won't get off her butt to go to the city (we have no stores in Suburbia).
UO is a little out of our price range, so the biker jacket/Siouxsie tee/bracelets are just examples of the kind of Jen/Yoncto things I want. If my parents decide to feed my lust for punk apparel (read: not likely) they would probably try to thrift em. Tons of Forever 21 gold chains for Givenchy-mocking, and lovely little veil cocktail hats that would look sweet with the lace tights. Yokoo is a knitwear god and I especially love the brown chain. It would probably be too big on me but that would make it look even cooler.

I obviously have a very WIDE vocabulary.
This isn't fashion related but I crave Polaroid and Lomo and Y SO SRS. My dad reminds me of Larry David but I think telling him that would slim down the chances of me happily receiving Curb on the 25th.
Blogger points if you get them right.

1. Which of the above television series had an episode in which one of the characters got pissed at his boss for eating his T-Givingz sandwich?
2. Which show had an episode with a "pig man"?
3. Which show had an episode in which the main character refused to give candy to teenage girls trick-or-treating without a costume, and deemed the bald a discriminated group?
BONUS: David Schwimmer guest starred on Curb for one episode, in which he and Larry perform in a Broadway musical together. What musical is it?

If any of you have good fashion or photography book recommendations, let me know. I don't have much knowledge on that front. With most books that I want just for a one-time read, I get them from the library or borrow from a friend. But, there are those books that hold such sentimental value and knowledge that you have to own them forever.
We read the D'Aulaires Book of Greek Myths last year in LA and I rather enjoyed it, would love to read it late at night when I can't fall asleep. I just started getting interested in Manga (Yotsuba is good and I want more Kiyohiko) and origami so those are up there to let my interests e x p a n d. The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll would be like my doorway to the world. Like Yoda in book form. Anything written/sung by/breathed upon by Jeff Tweedy is a-ok in my book (PUNZ!) and poems by him sound delightful. There are few foreign fashion magazines at our local Borders, but if I could get an issue of Lula I would be quite the happy blogger.

Jinglebells, batman doesn't smell, I want him on DVD
Polaroid camera and carnival tights will soon belong to meeee

quiz answers: 1, Friends. 2, Seinfled. 3, Curb Your Enthusiasm. Bonus, The Producers.

walk down any street you can find

I cannot wait for Thanksgiving. And I ESPECIALLY can't wait until it's over. I love T-Givingz, don't get me wrong, but once it's over I can watch Buddytheelfwhat'syourfavoritecolor and sing Jingle Bells as much as I want and not feel guilty about it.

I'll also be able to make a wishlist, though I kind of already started. All I really want at the moment is foreign magazines and more origami supplies and more Kiyohiko Azuma and the D'Aulaires Book of Greek Myths. As for clothes, I put "tartan/studs/leather/plaid/ripped/Courtney Love-ish stuff" and "Lolita dresses" but chances are slim my parents would be buying me that.

This morning I wore a top my mom's friend gave me upside-down and as a skirt. I tied it at the waist with some random black tights I found within the depths of my closet and threw on my shiny black American Apparel leggings (and APPARENTLY someone hacked into my blog and promised a post on these. It's coming, just bear with me!)

Due to the non-epicness, non-Belleness of my necklace collection, I couldn't find anything good and morbid and shiny enough to drape my neck in. There were coat hangers lying around everywhere since my closet is such a mess, so I figured I'd be "resourceful" and give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised to see that people at school were grabbing at my shiny legs, rather than trying to strangle me with my coat hanger. It got kind of uncomfortable though so I took it off before lunch.
Another pleasant surprise was to see that I won last week's Cardigan Look contest at Weardrobe! They have a new one every week for a $50 gift card, mine was to Urban Outfitters and I can't wait until it comes.

Awlsoe-only 1 day left for the Comme des Garcons/H&M top on eBay. CUD TEH BEST BIDDR WIN!

it's just a dream he keeps having and it doesn't seem to mean anything

Today I woke up late and threw on the comfiest outfit ever: blue Target leggings, a sweater worn around my waist with the sleeves happily hanging free, a cape around my waist, a very warm long sleeve and my mom's old deconstructed wool sweater. The best part is that as I was running to get to school in time, one of the 8th grade teachers was biking only a little ahead of me, and probably thought I was creepily trying to chase him or something. Now tell me, how many people manage to be that creepy by 8:00 AM? Not many, as far as I know. Guess it's just a skill, a talent I posses. Speaking of possessed, the cold then found its way into my soul and I became...
THE ICE MONSTER.On a more cheerful note, I won a pair of floral docs on eBay last night, and cannot WAIT until they arrive. Pretty good timing too, considering my blue/gray boots are on their deathbed. There I was at Caribou, thinking I was so cool sipping my chai tea latte* with my friends when I accidentally spilled it everywhere, including the floor, my coat, and boots. Since the boots are suede you can't get the stain out, and they look like frostbitten moles.

Really really sorry for all the delayed email responses, I am doing my very best to get back to you guys! Apparently the last couple weeks of the trimester is the best time to lay all the tests and projects and papers on the students, just bear with me, mmkay?
Also, turns out you guys have more FAQ questions than I thought (and by all means, keep asking! I'm curious to about what you're curious about!) so I'll just make a really long post to answer all questions this weekend so it's all in one place.

*it was actually the Kid's Hot Cocoa but you guys don't need to know that if it makes
me seem any lamer

the giant noodle and the giant rake will one day prevail

yellow floral tank top, black pencil skirt, and white button down; childhood closet. H&M tights. Forever 21 glasses. Thrifted scarf and purse. Photo by Kate.

You all seem to be commenting and emailing with some interesting but similar questions, and interviews can get somewhat repetitive. I figured I would start doing an FAQ, and answer a question per post for the next few posts. This time we'll start with how I got interested in fashion and blogging, etc.

The three things that got me interested in fashion are all pretty much the anti-fashion. And I don't mean in the cool Comme des Garcons way. Seventeen magazine, America's Next Top Model, and the nu rave trend (aka hipster culture and neon colors) were what sort of kickstarted my curiosity in editorial and runway. I know none of these really have anything to do with fashion-Seventeen is mainly composed of a bunch of BS about "a pop of color!", ANTM is pretty much centered around Tyra and using the word "fierce", and big-lettered, neon, Henry Holland knock-off tees that say things about Going Green and Peace and Partying worn by people who don't know they're wearing a knock-off speaks for itself.
Stephanie of Fashion Robot is my best friend's older sister, and one night back in February or March I slept over there with another friend. Stephanie let us raid her closet and did a photoshoot with us, posted it on her blog, and I finally saw what interesting and stylish clothes looked like. Stephanie knew I was getting a little more curious about clothes and blogging and emailed me some helpful blogging advice, links to other great blogs and sites, which magazines are worth the money, etc. I got very anxious and impatient so just started one myself, mainly out of curiosity to see what the community was like; I had only looked at about 4 or 5 before starting my own, and didn't read any for that long, either. A pretty hasty start, no? That pretty much explains why my URL is so lame/ew/was-I-sugar-high-when-I-made-that, and why my first few posts are rather shaky. It took me a while to get the swing of things, but I don't like deleting my old posts. It's interesting to see how my blog, style, and writing have changed and evolved since I started on the last day of March.

If you have any more questions, feel free to comment. I'll be answering more in the time to come!

i've had a chicken bone lodged in my throat for 3 years

I took a couple days off from the internet for the sake of schoolwork and friends and holiday hootenanys and origami. When I came back after a couple days, our internet didn't work for some reason. Maybe it's the computer gods' way of telling me not to take Picnik and Twitter for granted. I have learned, computer gods.
Luckily, my magic powers fixed them today. What, I never told you guys I'm a magician?
On a random note, I watched My Girl for the first time this morning. WHY HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS MOVIE BEFORE? Think of me, Thomas Jay?I can't wait until Thanksgiving passes and I can watch Home Alone with a clear conscience. BUZZ'S GIRLFRIEND, WOOF.

Anyways, here's today's very lacy outfit. It's strange how this morning I was about to go to the Salvation Army to search for some leather and tartan and studs (though I ended up not going), then put on this outfit with lace and pearls.

^Can you believe that photo isn't edited at all? Winter frosty air, you are so gracious to my outfit pictures.
In lieu of actual decorations for events like parties and Bat Mitzvahs, my mom makes paper flowers out of coffee filters and tissue paper. Economical crisis, you ain't got nothing on us. Did I mention the outfit totaled to 2 bucks?Hmmm, I guess crossing my arms is how I keep warm. It's getting colder and colder and I love it.

And now it's time for some...In poem form.
The CDG for H&M top I bought is finally up on eBay
It's blue and size 8/38 and has cool splotchy dots
There's really not much else to say
Except that I'm done with this post and am going to eat grilled cheese and check Post Secret and cannot think of anything to rhyme with dots

Good night.

would you stand up and walk out on me *exagerrated syllables and sideburns*

Not sure what inspired today's outfit, but the collar is something I cut off of an old Halloween costume in the hopes of being able to create Miu Miu outfits. This one wasn't going for a Circus theme (or any, for that matter) but I thought it would be a nice touch, no?

I own a tutu that I bought a while ago from Claire's (of all places) and am still working on wearing it. How many ways are there, without looking like a ballerina stereotype or hooker? Not many, I'll tell ya. Today I wore it underneath another skirt I own to up the volume. I stuck the bow through where the skirt buttons, too.

boots and skirt, thrifted. shirt and headband, secondhand. tights, american apparel. tutu, claire's. collar, DIY.

The volume thang makes me not-too-attractive in the eyes of stick-minded middle school boys, but when Kevin Arnold starts attending my middle school, then AND ONLY THEN will I resort to non-creepy, flattering outfits.

p.s. I know of the Wonder Years because they used to show it on Ion television every night but stopped about a year ago. Why is it I find myself constantly having to defend my age/identity? Do your research, look through my archives, open your eyes, but I'm pretty tired of answering the same questions.