marry me.

Blind me with your shiny coat. Go on, I don't mind.
[via yvanz]


J. Beaman said...

When I first read this I thought it said, "Bind me with your shiny coat." Which is kinda creepy. But hilarious.

Anonymous said...

actually bind me with your shiny coat would be more likely something Tavi would do. GET ON AIM NAO. And Achilles Ion Gabriel I is soooooooooo much better then this poser.

Mary said...


PS: I only just got your amazing comment but it warmed my heart. If you are still doing this project and need any help you know who to email! I have a million and a half resources!

sophie said...

OH MY GOD. That is...perfection.

emily said...

oh god. when i saw this on facehunter i was seriously contemplating doing a post on how terrible it was.
but i still love ya tavi =D
and if you look past the blinding shininess... he's kinda hot xP

Hazel said...

goldness. shininess. craziness.
i love it too.

Isabel said...

Dude!! It would be so sweet if he DIY-ed that.

Tavi said...

No, this guy does not rock as hard as Achillez, but his coat is still epic.

Mary-Thank you x32852!! As I start looking more into it, I will definitely drop you a line.

yoncto-Haha! Thanks for the honesty :) facehunter normally isn't that great to me, but the coat is epicly shiny. You can understand how an arsonist such as myself would like it, right?

Catalog Anna said...

im more partial to the hair/face
but the jacket is pretty sweet too.

Rebecca Jane said...

OH the coat.. it is .. crazy? But awesome at the same time.

Sophie said...

hahah It's so wrong it's right. If I saw him, I'd be thinking 'what an ugly coat' but would immediatly want to know him!

the Neg said...

hey i'm not a fashion blogger myself but i love reading your posts :)

JEYQ said...

do you know who it's by?
it's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

haha yes, i was thining along similar lines when i saw this...

Sa said...

he's cute and the gold is always nice (says the magpie) but not loving the whole puffy look. But he is still cute

Anonymous said...

I'm completely in love with him. That face! That hair! That gold! Triple delicious, seriously.

AM x

Gabsterr said...


Anonymous said...


Hannah said...

Um, he can't marry you if he marries me first! In all seriousness, though, I just realized you aren't on my links list. Don't know how this happened, but I'm fixing it right now. There! Anyway your comment on my Teen Vogue thing totally made my day!

Smaggle said...

Ha ha! He is awesome!

City Chic Please said...

he looks so...upscale 80s
but i love the 80s
and curly haired men
*prays he has british accent*
(and technically, from a design standpoint, it is a beautiful jacket, but whatever)

Hanna said...

That coat is sexy. That "ironic" caterpillar/date rapist moustache is definitely not.

Tavi said...

hannah cheeto-Oh, don't worry about it! I didn't even notice :P and the comment was total honesty-your outfit is amazing and those people are assholes!

hanna-yeah, not gonna lie, it vaguely reminds me of the ones I see on the 8th grade boys, aka beginning puberty. Not very attractive.

Mollie said...

This made me laugh so much. You are fantastic. You are witty and stylish.. and younger than my little sister! It's incredible. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

uh! He's disgusting

Voycik said...

The coat is by Antonin Tron and it is amazing and I want it.

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